Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eating Healthy

06/27/12:  Treadmill
39.50 minutes 3 miles

Okay, so I try really hard to eat healthy.  Sometimes though, the margs and Reese's Pieces call my name and I can't resist (I know, strange combo - don't judge).  I'm weak.  But really if you tell me that you love eating healthy and it's not hard for you, I don't believe you.  I was reading in Health magazine over the weekend and read this little article (I'm not smart enough to have a fancy link to the web page, if anyone wants to teach me, feel free!):

It worked for me at Santa Fe over the weekend.  I did not give into those little golden pieces of bread with cinnamony, sugary butter.  I told myself "I don't eat those".  It worked.  Weird.  Just thought I would share!  

I hope I DON'T forget this the next time I'm tempted!

- Amy D.

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