Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back to Work I Go

Seriously, is it really already Sunday night and I have to go back to work tomorrow?  Where did the weekend go?  Please come back...  Well, it's not so I might as well enjoy my RHONJ (Real Housewives of New Jersey for those of you who happen to have real lives) on DVR and my chamomile and mint tea.  I'd rather be eating Oreos...

07/13/12:  Friday the 13th
That means I didn't have to workout, right?  That is my way of telling you that I didn't.  

Something big happened, though.  I need some condolences, blog world.  My FAVORITE brown flips bit the dust.  My left one just broke.  She just said, "sister, I'm done - I've let you walk around me for four years now and I am tired".  I really think that is how it went.  Let me tell you guys about the best flips EVER.    J. Crew has the most fabulous wedge flips.  I have had every color and you can wear them for a long time!  My most recent pair, lived through a dang pregnancy (with very swollen feet) and almost two years after!

It's been real.

After a quick shoe replacement, we ran a few errands with my mom.  D has Nanu wrapped ...  Please see the following:

The bag is almost as big as he is!

07/14/12:  Laundry?

Lots of laundry.  And I found this guy in sissy's Barbies.  Sssshhhh!

07/15/12:  Another Pinterest workout

I liked it.  I did it twice.  1 minute planks are just mean.

There is a quick recap of the weekend.  OH check out my super cool signature below.  I am proud.  It took me several different google attempts to figure this out.  This makes me really cool.


  1. D is just eating the Cheetos before his evil uncle does!

    4 years is amazing for a pair of flip flops. You should try some Yellow Box if you have not. I have bought mine at Dillards. Very soft, very blingy.

    1. He does have to beat him to the Cheetos! I will check Yellow Box out. I have never heard of them!