Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Ate French Fries and I Liked it...

....but did not like gaining like 27 pounds in a day, maybe not REALLY that many but I felt so bloated and gross.  Move over, donuts you have a new friend on my "I do not eat" list.  You can read the little bit I wrote about "Do Not" foods here.

I am just going to go ahead and confess that I did not workout over the weekend instead I ate too much.  I am behind on the blog and I didn't workout.  I guess they kinda go hand in hand...

Here are some cute pictures of crazy D from the weekend:

He had to help sister with her chore chart.  And mommy with the wall...

07/30/12:  New neighborhood
Walked a little over 3 miles on a new route.  It was nice for a change and the neighborhood had a good hill that we walked up twice.   Back on track after my weekend of laziness!

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