Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Took a Nap.

Okay, we're going to start with 07/20/12, because quite frankly I don't remember 07/19/12.  Oops.  I have no clue what I did that day as far as working out.  Here goes..

07/20/12:  Neighborhood
3.5 mile walk without children

I should get an award for this workout.  I had dinner at my parents' house (which means I ate like a pig) and had two beeritas.  I still made it through the workout.  Win!

07/21/12:  I took a nap.  I slept on the couch for an hour and a half.  That was amazing.

07/22/12:  Does watching movies with kids and reading count as working out?  Yes.

07/23/12:  Impromptu date night.  Thanks, mom!

So what can we gather?  I have been lazy and sitting around on my arse.  Could someone please kick me there so that I will get going?  Thanks.  I already have plans to get my fitness on tonight, so hopefully I will be successful!

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