Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The WT Life

07/06/12:  Neighborhood
Walked a little over 3 miles - Without kids.  Rock on.  (Thank you, husband)

07/07/12:  No workout
Husband's family came over for a late Fourth of July get together and I ate way too much and did not workout.  I failed and did not take any photos.

07/08/12:  Neighborhood
Jogged three miles

I jogged three miles.  I did not stop.  I kept jogging.  I was very pleased!  E rode her bike with me, I actually enjoy that because it keeps me at a nice pace.  The only hard part is that she wants to talk the entire time!  And ask me why I'm breathing so hard, thanks E.  Our time together was a great ending to starting the day with church and her baptism!

Here is a photo I took of E on Sunday afternoon.  Thought I would post it with the creepy baby doll.  Busy weekend clearly won.

07/09/12:  Neighborhood
Walked a little under three miles while E and her friend, A, rode their bikes.  

Then this happened:


That's right, folks - you can be as jealous as you want, but that is my man.  This is not white trash at all.      

I think I am going to leave you with that image.


- Amy D.


  1. I might go for the not white trash thing if the dog wasn't involved...


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