Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Burpees Suck

As I was just informed, I am "like 9 days behind".  I think the ladies at the office are exaggerating a little.  But, nonetheless, I am behind!

I'm going to be real honest and tell you guys that I don't even know what kind of jogging (if any) I have done since I last blogged.  I do know, that I started this plan:

My friend, Vic, found this and told me about it.  I am super excited about completing this!  Burpees are a biatch.  Whatevs.

My most important update for all of you is that D's leg is so much better!  Silvadene is magic, ya'll.  I have hated watching my boy be in pain.  It has affected everything he does.  He is finally playing like normal and wrestling with J again.  I think your kids being sick or hurt is one of the hardest things about being a parent.  I hate feeling so helpless and just wish I could take the pain or the sickness away.  This reminds me of something a "friend" (I no longer have any contact with this person, you will understand once you finish reading) told me once.  She, having no children of her own, says "it's really not that hard to be a parent, all you have to do is make sure they have somewhere to live and you feed them".  Um okay.  I wanted to do what Brick did here.  I refrained.  Oh, and yes, I love Anchorman and I'm proud of it.  Judge all you want.

I got off track, that happens sometimes.  J and I had a date night Friday night!  We ate dinner at my parents' house and then went to Oktoberfest.  LOOOOVVVEEE Oktoberfest, so much fun!

Saturday, E had a barrel race.  She had her best time yet.  So proud of this sweet girl!

Sunday we went to church and then celebrated D's birthday, finally.  He is a big two year old now!

D in his sea of girlfriends

Nanu and Papa got him the coaster!

Happy Birthday, D!
We had a great long weekend, so great that I didn't want to come to work today.  Boo.  I ate way too much and must get back on track this week.  I confessed at work today that since I blogged last, I had two fast food hamburgers and ate so much sugar that I had an allergic reaction last night.  Hives and all.  I am sure I haven't mentioned this, but if I eat too much sugar I have a weird reaction with my throat swelling, hives and snot pouring out of my nose.  I am probably at my hottest when these happen.  They aren't fun, but nothing a couple of Benadryl can't fix!

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