Monday, September 17, 2012

Saturday Morning, How I Long for Thee...

I'm just going to say this - I miss quiet, non-eventful, Saturday mornings.  It is nice, however, to get up early and get the day started.  We started the morning with a 9:00 basketball game and then went straight to Guthrie for Emma to cheer at the little league football game that started at 11:00.

Oh, and I am also to say that I haven't jogged since I don't know when.  I am a slacker.  I have been doing  September abs though!  They are killing me.  I'm not sore after I do them, which is strange to me.

Here are a few photos from the weekend:

He wouldn't look at me and he stole my tea.  Mean.

Photo shoot at Poblano.  E is quite the photo editor.

Cutest. Kids. Ever.


  1. Do we need to trade car seats so D isn't embarrassed?!?

  2. It is on my to do list to get a manly one!! Promise!