Monday, October 22, 2012

Do Lysol Wipes Hurt Dogs?

Because I scrubbed Penny with them this morning.  Her and Lizzy dug out of the backyard this morning and when Penny came back she had what appeared to be some sort of feces on her.  Baby wipes didn't do the trick so I pulled out the big guns and wiped that dog down with the Lysol wipes.  Then went on an adventure to find Lizzy.  Needless to say I was late for work today.

Normally I would list my most recent workouts now.  I would do that if I had any to list.  Instead, here are some photos of recent happenings.

D and the girls guarding the house.

E at her Fall Party!

We had 30 minutes to waste before we had to pick up D!

What I've been doing instead of running.  
   In regards to the photo above, I have not confessed my love of my snuggie to the blog.  I love my snuggie. Please take note that I am warm and covered but yet my hands are free.  I know some haters, Martinez and Vic who like to hate on me for my love of my snuggie.  Whatevs.  Maybe I'll have some workouts to list soon...

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