Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jumping Jacks...

01/15/13:  Living room
Jillian Day 2.  "Don't even look for an easier way to do a jumping jack . . . I have 400 pound people that can do a jumping jack."  Okay, Jill, geez!!!  Mama didn't want to to do jumping jacks last night, but I did.

Guess who cleaned up my counters, made dinner for her and her brother and poured me cereal for dinner last night?  My sweet E.  Does anyone know what she is up to?  It was super cute but makes me slightly suspicious... what does that smart girl have up her sleeve?!  Or maybe I've just trained her right?!  Yes, you read that right - cereal for dinner.  It is a staple for me when J is out of town. She made her and D chicken nuggets and gold fish crackers.  

I need some ideas, peeps.  Even though I am not Catholic, I always give something up for Lent.  Last year I gave up queso.  In the past I have given up pop, chocolate, grilled cheeses....  So, give me some ideas!  Go!!

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