Friday, February 22, 2013

Bras and Cute Kids

I wore a sports bra to work in hopes that I will get a good workout in today.  I have been sticking with my Lent and doing something every day.  Crunches on the ball, arm weights, lunges, calf raises that kind of stuff.  But, I want to get in something more today.  So, I'm thinking if I already have my sports bra on, there is more of a chance that I will get a good workout in.  Here's the deal - I hate putting these things on, yes this is a reflection on my level of laziness...  I will  let you know if this approach actually works for me.

I am really hurting without my treadmill, guys.  I have sent in a maintenance request and the company called me within an hour.  However, they want me to be by the treadmill.  I was not by my treadmill, I was at work. So, I've got to get home, by the treadmill, with my head clear and have it somewhat quiet by 5:00 to call them.  That is a workout in itself.

The next important thing that I must update everyone on is the fact that I have the cutest and sweetest kids.

When J is not home, I let them sleep with me some of the nights.  The other night when I went to bed they were still holding hands in their sleep:  

Melts my heart.

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  1. I love those sweet little hands! Mine probably would have still had their fists twined in each other's hair...


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