Friday, September 13, 2013


Have you ever heard someone say something about you that you can't get out of your head?  That happened yesterday at the office (Yes, M Martinez, I'm still on it... No, I'm not fixating, so don't even think about saying it...).  I'll give you some information about how our phone system works so that you will understand how this happened.  When our receptionist is out, M Martinez and I answer the phones, sometimes we make it a competition to see who can answer the quickest.  When this happens, we tend to answer the phone at the same time and say our greeting in unison.  Lets be real - this happens often.  One of us will continue to talk to the person while the other is still on the line.  This happened yesterday.  The lady on the phone asks M Martinez to talk to the "little girl that ...".  Wait, what?  She referred to me as a little girl?  I was in such shock that I did not really react at the time; however, I have thought about it all afternoon and it popped back into my head this morning.  I have talked to this offender on the telephone and seen this person in person once.  Which means, she has heard my voice and seen me.  So, why "little girl"?  I would consider my nine year old daughter to be a "little girl".  Have I represented myself in such an immature way that she thinks of me as a little girl, is it that I look so young for my old, decrepit age of 30, or is she just rude?  I am going to go with my middle guess and just think that she is dumb for allowing a "little girl" to take care of her legal needs.  I feel better now.

Now would be a perfect time to roar, M Martinez.    


  1. HAHA!

    I think it's hilarious that it took you like two hours before you got irritated, since I immediately found it quite humorous :)

  2. It's my old age. It took me a while to catch on. :)

  3. So does this mean Martinez is the old lady?!?