Thursday, September 12, 2013

Stress Eater? I Think So.

After a year, I have finally began to understand why people always say that if your marriage can survive building a house then you're good to go.  When I started this blog we had just begun building a house.  I have referenced it a few times, but I never wanted to make it a main focal point because who wants to hear about my kitchen sink being plumbed in the wrong place?  That is boring.  My ideas about weight loss and my failed attempts at working out are much more interesting, right?  So, we are STILL having issues with final details of completing everything.  I'm not going to bore you with all of the details because, quite frankly, they are in fact boring.  I mean, who wants to hear about the differences in sod and hydro-seeding?  I did not want to know the difference.  However, I do know the difference now.  And if I was to tell you all of the gory details this would be a three page post as I have rambled on for about four sentences about how I am not going to bore you with the details.  All of that to say this - I now understand what people are talking about.  I did not before.  I thought that people were referring to arguing over whether you wanted white walls or tan walls.  That is not what they are talking about, silly me.  They are referencing the stress that comes with handling all of these stupid, gory details I referenced above.  We all know that stress affects our bodies and minds in weird ways.  I turn crazy and eat when I am stressed.  I have caught myself several times in the last year snapping at J and the kids and when I think about why said snapping occurred, I realized that it is because my mind is so tired of thinking about everything that I am just too frazzled for anything else.  The other day Martinez and I were discussing our weights and why we cannot get our eating habits under control.  Now, we had just come off of shark week, which we all know affects eating tremendously.  (Yes, we are so tight that we practically have the same menstruation cycles.  You're jealous, I know.)  But, in the conversation I said something along the lines about how last summer at this time I weighed 117 pounds (two pounds away from my goal weight).  My wheels started turning that night and realized that when I weighed that morning my weight was 131 pounds.  Those numbers seemed so far apart to me, being the math whiz that I am, I whipped out my calculator on my phone and saw it - 14.  I have gained 14 pounds in a year.  Fourteen (14) pounds.  Let that number sink in.  I kind of wanted to cry and then realized that I was the one that allowed this to happen.  Yes, stress is a beast, but you're telling me that I am not strong enough to control my eating when I am stressed out??  I am stronger than that.  I have completed my bachelor's degree (with a baby), been a single mom, been happily married for five years (we all know that takes work - you choose what kind of marriage you have), am currently raising two amazing children, and have held down a job that is crazy enough to make a normal person insane in the membrane.  But - I can't control my eating habits?  Really?  I am going to get this weight off - so, while this blog was created for me to write about my journey getting "fit", now we are going to follow my journey losing my stress eating weight AND getting fit.  With all of that said - I love my new house and I am happy that we decided to build, but I am ready for this process to be over.  I will say that some things came up during the building process that were out of anyone's hands and abnormal for the "normal" building process which have made this longer and more stressful.  

On to more exciting things like two week challenges - I failed on our last challenge - I don't even know if we even posted the last one.  Madam Martinez thought it would be a good idea to tell me that I couldn't eat out for two weeks.  I lasted about three days.  Our next challenge, should you choose to accept is for us to "dress up" throughout the week.  Now, most of you are thinking - "don't you have to dress up every day, you work in an office".  Well, here is the deal - our boss rocks and does not enforce any kind of dress code. Which results in yoga pants being worn to work a little too often.  I don't know how many times I have been asked "you wore that to work"?  Here is our plan - we always eat better and stick with our diets when we are dressed up, but on days when we are in our yoga pants we are tempted to go get a Frosty from Wendy's.  As such, if we dress up every work day, the pounds will just fall off, right?  Okay, maybe not, but if we can trick ourselves into not eating a Frosty at lease once, then that is a win.                

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