Monday, April 14, 2014

I took a break

It wasn't intentional, I just took a break.  I don't really know why; other than I've been a little cranky, crazy and quite frankly not in a good mood.  Gee, I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that at the start of the year I was twenty pounds over my happy weight.  You think?  I am down ten pounds and have ten more to go.  I  know many of you (the three and a half people that read this) have been in utter despair and I am sorry for this.  

How I lost the ten pounds - The Martinez and I were taught how to eat REAL food by an amazing friend of her's.  She made meal plans for us and everything; she is amazing and super nice.  I wish she could come live in my house and slap my hand when I reach for an OCP.  Except she wouldn't slap my hand because she is that nice.  Before we started that eating plan I had started reigning it in and lost a couple of pounds, then I lost the rest with her eating plan.  I kind of fell off the band wagon a little, but now I am back on with the occasional treat here and there.  I am eating mostly what we learned from her (spinach salads, veggies, smoothies, eggs, turkey bacon) but I am also logging in Lose It!  Which means if you want to be my Lose It! friend, you should start logging!  I already have one friend, thanks V!

So, since I've been absent for forever and a day, I thought I would give you a recap of what you have missed:

1.  The holidays.  They were great, as always.  I am so blessed I can't even count that high.  J got to be home for every holiday function, which we didn't think was going to happen; so that was super cool.  Below are some photos of the holiday cheer.  

2.  I became obsessed with making wreaths for a hot minute.  I still like making them, I just don't dream about them now.

I am not an OSU fan; I made this for one of E's teachers.
3.  I decided to be Martha Stewart and tried making candy and pies.  The candy was ugly but tasted amazing and the pies were pretty but did not taste right.

4.  I got fat.  This could possibly be the result of eating my failures noted in number three.

5.  Martinez and I worked out at work for three days in a row.

6.  Do got a new bed.

7.  I am slightly obsessed with Flight 370.  Seriously?  Where did it go?  This only intensifies my fear of flying and my fear of planes falling from the sky.  Yes, I fear planes falling from the sky.  Like just straight down. On me.  

8.  My kids got cuter.  I know you didn't think this was possible.  But, it happened.

9.  E has started another barrel racing season and she is amazing!

10.  Last but not least; I'm fairly certain that mermaids are real.  Yes, I'm still on that.  Basically, all of my research should classify me as a marine biologist.  With honors.

That is all for now.  Do you feel caught up?


  1. First...welcome back! Second...clean eating is hard..That is still my goal this year. Your kids are super cute. If you are talking about me for Lose it!...I don't have it anymore...whoops. Y'all should work out more...I started going to the gym at 545 in the AM...I am crazy. Also equally obsessed with flight 370...seriously, where did it go?!?!?! AND Finally.....I still think mermaids are real! Have they come out with a new show yet? I need more info, like now! I am done now!

  2. Well, I wasn't like calling you out but if you got the app, we could totes be friends :) Last week I got up at 5:30 and did Pilates. The last two days I've gotten up at 5:00 to get my Pilates on. I guess I'm crazy too. 5:00 am club!! There has not been a new show and the last I looked that website had still been seized!!