Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Name is Amy

 and I ate five danishes and look forward to my period so I can take Pamprin.

Friday food:

Breakfast:  Atkins bar

Lunch:  Carrots and veggie dip, and a flap jack from graze

Dinner:  Poblano - I had some chips and salsa and a fish taco

Monday food:

Breakfast:  Atkins bar

Lunch:  Turkey sub from Subway and Jalapeno chips

Dinner:  Huge smoothie

So, the Martinez and I have a new thing at the office.  It is our rant/confessional board.  I had to post my confession yesterday.

I just had a rough eating day Sunday for some reason.  I'm not sure what happened.

Okay, so on to more exciting things.  The project that I referenced the other day - Martinez taught me how to create a flower bed.  Now, you may think "doesn't she know how to plant flowers", no I did not.  So back off.  My aversion to plants/flowers is strange as my father loves all of that stuff.  In fact he has a greenhouse in his backyard that resembles a UFO when lit up at night.  When I first moved out he gave me a few plants here and there.  I killed them all.  One time he gave me a jade plant, which apparently are pretty easy to take care of.  She lived for quite a while.  I watered her with all the things that were left over in my cups and she was happy.  One day I accidentally knocked her off of my dresser into the trash can.  The pot broke and that is where the entire thing stayed.  Quite symbolic that it felt directly into the trash can, so symbolic that I did  not try to save my friend.  Fast forward approximately 10 years - I am pretty sure that we are flower bed professionals.  A&A Landscaping.  Sounds good, doesn't it?

Official blue prints



Do you see the tree in the back?  That is a Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar.  I am in love with her.  I didn't think I was going to be able to find one, but I randomly decided to go to Home Depot (I am opposite of Martinez and do not like Home Depot; I am a Lowes girl) anyways, I'm just looking around and then I see it!  A big sign that says Blue Atlas.  I stopped, stared, ran and got a basket.  I loaded that thing into my cart and then shoved it sideways in the back of my car.  People were looking at me like I was slightly cray.  Little do they know... I am mwahahahaha!  I think I will name her.  Suggestions?


  1. I'm thinking "Jewel " or " Jewels " would be perfect !

  2. What is this Pamprin, and why do I not know about it?!?

  3. Pamprin is fabulous... it has a muscle relaxer in it so you sleep like a champ when you take it. And it helps with bloating.