Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Why didn't I think of this before?

So here is the deal - I am not a clean freak.  However, when I clean my house, I am a freak about it.  I like things done certain ways and if I don't get it done that way I don't feel as though I completed the task.  Now, this is where I have a problem - I can NEVER get it all done.  Someone always needs something, I get distracted and six hours later I still don't have everything put back on the my bathroom counter.  On Sunday I decided I was going to get some cleaning done and D was busy watching t.v. and playing.  

Swear I was cleaning- Dump E-card

I'm going to chase a squirrel for a minute - I probably have the greatest tolerance of hearing kids' shows ever.  I have never been able to understand why J gets frustrated when he hears the same shows.  It just doesn't bother me.  ONE EXCEPTION -  Fairly Odd Parents.  I do not understand Fairly Odd Parents and I do not want to.  I would like to drop kick Timmy Turner and his fairy/fish/whatever those things are that fly around.  This is the show that D chose to watch on Sunday.  So, I was thinking I wish I could turn on some music in order to not hear said show.  Light bulb!  I got my ear buds that I use while I run on the treadmill and hooked myself up.  

Another squirrel - when I'm running on the treadmill, that is mommy time, which means when the kids come in and say something I respond with "I can't hear you".  This is probably more comforting than "mommy can't talk to you because she might die from the pain".  Unless there is an emergency or a valid need, I do not take my ear buds out.  D not playing "the dog" properly for E does not count, nor does sissy not letting D play Barbies.  

SO, on Sunday, I put my ear buds in and go to work on my house.  D comes and finds me a couple of times and I just tell him that I can't hear him.  Yes, this results in D following me around with a duster in my back like I'm being made to walk the plank and every time I walked through the living room I was attacked with said duster as if he was Spartacus and I was Crassus (don't knock it until you have watched it).  But, guess what?  I got my bathrooms clean and other things that I didn't even have on my list!  Yes, the living room where D was hanging was completely trashed, but I got an amazing amount of housework done in a short amount of time and when I say "done", I mean it was done.  I wasn't lacking the last detail.  It felt amazing.  I will be doing this again and again... and again.   

Then again.. I may just do this:

 House cleaning.

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