Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I found this in my posts saved as a draft.

So this is super late but I'm going to go ahead and post it. Because well, I'm always behind. Why stop now?

Race is over.  I am in some pain.  It went really well though.  My good buddy, Vic knew our time last year.  It was 3:03.  My unofficial time this year is 2:54.  So, I beat it by a little.  I suppose you could say that it my new PR.  If you are an Okie, I really feel like you should experience the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon at least once.  This was only my second year; however, I just love it.  I loved every second last year and loved every second this year.  It is basically a bunch of people from all over our state (and other states, I believe they said 47 states were represented this year) that come together to remember what happened, run, walk, sweat, and have fun.  There are people in silly tutus, a man in a smoking jacket with a cigar in the same location every year, and people dressed up as bananas at Gorilla Hill.  As soon as you feel like you might die, someone will have a sign that will make you laugh or some random stranger will read your name on your bib and cheer for you; even if you're just walking.  I'm not a super sappy person, but that 168 seconds of silence does get me a little choked up.  After this race, I am all pumped up for the next one.  The next race I have planned is the Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa.  I have not registered yet, but plan to.  

*Update - I have registered!  And am training!*       

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