Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bad Moms

Unless you live in a cave, you know what I'm talking about. Y'all - have you seen it?  I laughed. I laughed so hard. I cried (say what you want, I don't care because I'm a bad mom now).  The great thing about the movie is that it truly captures what it is like to be a mom. The push to be perfect, push to have your kids hang out with the "popular" kids (who decided they were "popular" anyways?), feed them the right food, participate in all of the right activities, make the best grades, have the best first day of school chalkboards, and on and on. It is almost as if we are making our children live out our own fantasies.  

I will admit that I wanted all of that for my daughter. Then we hit third grade and as I was suffering through a season of cheer watching moms spray their kids with glitter in the freezing cold, it hit me. What are we doing?  They're eight. They don't need to sparkle on the sidelines while yelling and clapping off beat. (There may have also been a moment wherein I threw a fit because my daughter was told she couldn't wear her $200 warm ups I had bought because someone else didn't bring her's and they wouldn't match, but I digress).  Em did not enjoy cheer - it just wasn't her thing, she has a few friends that still love cheer and that is wonderful for them. So we only did that one season (even though she was the cutest cheerleader in the world). She found her love and that is dance. She is amazing and will do great things. D is in gymnastics and calls it ninja class half of the time. His time will come to stumble through sports to find his passion.  It will be fun and interesting, but we aren't going to lose ourselves. 

The movie is a little crude, but that is what makes some of the parts so funny.  During the movie they do take it too far at one point and really don't do what they should but they all do the right things and are happy in the end!  The gist of it is basically what I've told Em for years. You do you. No one else will. You take care of you (and your babies). They're only babies once and that goes by fast. Very fast.  And find some awesome mom friends along the way to, well, be bad moms with!  

Side note - I dragged my husband to the 11:05 screening of this one Friday night while the kids were gone and really felt like I was doing something big!  It's the little things, people. 

That is all for now. I'll be busy being a bad mom but will check in soon. 

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