Thursday, September 29, 2016

My First Love

Alright for the second "prompt" with the Martinez - we kind of looked at each other weird when we pulled this one out of the container.  We could not decide if we wanted to do this one.  We decided to go ahead because it could be funny or serious; and it would be entertaining to see what the other wrote.

I am going to go with two different things, two different loves, on two very different levels.

My first love was basketball.  I loved to play basketball.  I loved everything about it - practice (except for when I had to miss the end of episodes of 7th Heaven), games, the awesome uniforms (my favorites were the hot pink sliding shorts and hot pink tall socks), sweet basketball shoes...  I also preferred to wear all basketball inspired clothes when I was not playing ball.  I started playing in third grade and quit after my ninth grade year.  I was not a fabulous player, but I did not care.  I swore to everyone for years that I would play in the WNBA.  Oh how things change...

My second first love would be my Em.  I had Em when I was 21 years old, I was not married and really had no clue what I was doing.  But the first time I saw her, I fell in love.  And I'm still in love with my little preteen.  Being a single mom and raising her taught me so many things.  Things that I cannot even put into words.  And now, now she is twelve.  Yes, over a decade and not only is she my girl, but she's my best friend.  We added J to our little family when she was almost four and then we added D when she was six.  We have so much fun together and she is such a good big sister to her brother.

Did everyone watch the debate this week?

This is what I did during the debate.  It was so riveting... I am pretty proud of my photo editing here.  My snap chat skills are improving.

Then saw this today:

 We have had some awesome weather here.  Monday when I got home from work J already had all of the windows open.  It was amazing.  I took Em to the park with me to get in a benchmark run.

Update on my dinners:  I officially have a certain meal for each night.  Turkey Burger Monday, Taco Tuesday, Fend for Yourself Wednesday (Wednesday nights are very busy so I just throw something out for the kiddos), Brinner Thursday, Fun Friday (this means whatever we are in the mood for), Sushi Saturday, and Nacho Sunday.   

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