Thursday, October 6, 2016


For prompt number three with Martinez, we drew 'ten songs I am into right now'.  I have a wide range of music appreciation, so I do not think I am going to simply list ten songs, let's just see where this goes.  My taste/mood flip flops back and forth constantly, but there are some that are constants.

1. The Beatles - I will always and forever big heart love the fab four.  My favorite song is '"Something" and my favorite album is Abbey Road

2. My Dad's music - my dad loves music.  As a child my dad always said "listen to the words" (he still does this when something good is on).  There were many nights spent listening to my dad's music.  This is probably where I got my interest/taste in music.  Basically all over the place.  Steve Miller Band, Willie Nelson, Janis Joplin, George Jones, Randy Travis, Beach Boys, etc.  And one of the best thing about my dad's music - the majority of listening occurs on a record player.  Yes, a record player.  And I love it. 

3. Country Music - I have been/am a pretty big country music fan at different times in my life.  I like the old stuff.  Johnny, Willie, Randy, George, Garth (sad to consider him "old stuff").  Garth was my first concert ever.  Has everyone watched the Forever Country music video?  I have watched it several times.  It is definitely awesome sauce.  I like a lot of the newer stuff as well.  I am a little obsessed with The Band Perry's song "Comeback Kid".  I just really like it for some reason.  I actually just turned it on my phone to listen to it while typing.

Click here to listen 

4.  Christmas Music - I love it.  I will start listening to it November 1st.  I am pretty sure it drives my family crazy.  If I am home cleaning, I turn it on loud.  I am kind of particular about my Christmas Music, my playlist consists of the following and I just listen on repeat - Dean Martin, Amy Grant, The Beach Boys, and Diana Krall.  Over the last two years I have added Pentatonix.  They should really feel pretty special about this addition.  (Dean and the The Beach Boys are really good on records.)

5.  XM 90's on 9 - Ya'll if 90's music is wrong, I do not want to be right.  You tell me where else I can hear Offspring, Shania Twain, Eminem, and Alanis all on one station?  And I get just as excited now as I used to when I heard them on the radio then.  I try to explain this to Em and she just does not get it.  She's all just download it.  Um, no, that is not how it works.  You listen until it comes on then record it on a cassette tape.  And let me tell you that my kids really love it when I blast something fabulous like "Bohemian Rhapsody" or "My Heart Will Go On" and yes, you could hear both of these songs in one trip.  I am sure at this point you are understanding the greatness of this station.

Because I love you all, you can listen to greatness here         

6. Hymns - I love me some hymns.  I like newer worship music too (not all of it).  But I do really like some old hymns; played on the piano and organ.  Sometimes at work when the Martinez and I get really stressed and consider throwing staplers, we sing hymns.  Which also means this - should you stand outside of our office and hear us singing "Victory in Jesus" or "The Old Rugged Cross" - run.  Or maybe don't run, we can see what happens.  These are also usually the days where we decide we should start a band and travel.  We will let you know our tour dates soon. 

This is basically my breakdown of music.  I know it is not consistent with the title we picked; however, we never really follow the rules, do we Martinez?

-Amy D.