Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pet Peeves

For prompt number five with The Martinez we drew 'What are Your Top Three Pet Peeves'.

1.  People who think they are better than/more entitled than others.  These people just make me mad.  I have the luxury of dealing with some of these people I'd say at least on an every other day basis.  Unfortunately for them, I feel it is my lot in life to remind them that they are not better than, nor are they entitled to anything more than everyone else.     

2.  Know-it-all people.  You know the type.  You might say "the sky is such a pretty blue today".  That fool is going to respond "I believe it is actually more of a powder blue".  I feel as though one-uppers may fall into this category.  You may say "I hurt my knee while running".  They're going to say "last time I ran I broke both of my knees, and crawled past the finish line".  Whatevs.  You know what else I feel like could go into this category?  Mansplaining.  Yes, I already spoke of this, just last week in fact, but it still annoys me.  I guess the first two could really be summed up by saying people that are really proud of themselves.    


3.  People that bump their music.  You guys.  This one always has and always will.  You are not cool, if I wanted to listen to your music, I would turn it on in my car.  Please turn it down.  No one finds you more attractive due to your "bumping" as such, stopping would be most appreciated.  I have a physical reaction to this that The Martinez pointed out just the other day.  Cannot handle it.  

Now, one would think that I may stop here as the title we drew only says three.  But, I cannot.  I have more.

4.  I am going to try to say this in the most nicest way as possible and will preface it with the fact that I want you to keep in mind that I spend the majority of my days in an office with the same people.  Now I shall proceed, flush the toilet all the way and should it be necessary please utilize the courtesy flush.  So what I am saying is check and make sure there is no evidence of you being there.  I visit the toilet often as I drink at least a gallon of water a day and I come across this offense often.  It is a problem and while I know it is not entirely avoidable, the physical evidence is most definitely avoidable. 

5.  The use of LOL.  Are you really laughing out loud?  No, I bet you are not.  It actually pained me to type that just now.  I also do not like the use of "u" in place of the word you.  

I hope the fact that I had no problem coming up with pet peeves and actually had to stop myself is not a window to my soul...  

Oh, I have a funny middle school story for you.  Last night Em was going on and on about this girl at school that is rude and she has to be in a group with her.  She was just venting so I just let her go.  Then she tells me the girl called her and her friends a name.  That got my attention, I said what did she call you?  "She called us basic white girls!"  I laughed.  I laughed really hard, that was the best thing I had heard all day.  So, that means I have been calling her basic white girl instead of preteen and sent her this.  

-Amy D.

P.S.  I have one more pet peeve I have to mention. 

6.  Fake people on social media.

Now I am done.

P.S.S.  Not really done.  Ha!  Gotcha.  I am aware that The Martinez has probably listed that people that do not follow the rules are one of her pet peeves, and I clearly did not follow the rules...  So, yes, I am one of her pet peeves!  This is just further proof that this project is entertaining for us.  In fact, I think that I could write her post for her based off of the things that I do.

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