Thursday, October 13, 2016

Three Good Thoughts

Our prompt for our fourth week is Three Good Thoughts.  After this week (since last Friday), this is not where my head is right now.  I could give you twenty seven bad thoughts in about five seconds, but the good thoughts are not coming as quickly.

1.     I get to hang out with both of my babies tonight.  It is Fall Break for the district that Em's dance studio is in, so we get a night off of dance practice, it is kind of silly how excited I am about this.  And we get to eat breakfast for dinner tonight.  #winning.   

2.    I am finally back on the right track with my weight and eating; and it feels good.  A quick review of things - I was at my happy weight, wanted to be more fit, I started this blog to help keep me on track with my workouts, then I got stressed which means I gained approximately twenty eight pounds over about three years.  I have lost eighteen pounds this year and plan on continuing until I meet my goal.  I do understand that as I continue to run/train for the half that my weight will go up with muscle gain so if you feel that you need to tell me that, you do not.  I know.           
3.    Only one more day this week.  One more day, then I am free from work for two days.  I will not think about work, I will not look at my email, and I will not look at the calendar for work for two entire days. 

Well, my good thoughts really ended up being about me and kind of selfish but that is just what came to my mind.  

And to perpetuate good thought number two; this week I shall list my workouts for you.

Oh, I'm going to chase a squirrel for a second.  The last two times I have trained for half marathons, I used a combination of plans that I found online, one from my bud Vic, an app on my phone, etc.  I did not really stick with one particular plan because I did not like any of them.  This time I have been using Nike+Run Club, which is awesome so far.  I guess we will really see how awesome it is come November 20th.  At this point in my training I would definitely recommend it.  Anyways, on to workouts:

Side note:  I do not claim to be a fast runner.  Maybe when I hit a consistent nine minute mile I will change the word jogging in the title of my blog to running :).  

10.10.16 Treadmill - 3.57 mile recovery run.  It told me to run it at a 12'40" pace, I ran it at an 11'50" pace.  

10.11.16 Treadmill - 15 minute benchmark run and ended up being 1.44 miles at a 10'41" pace.

10.12.16 NTC Workout - This is the cool thing about this app, it incorporates some cross training and instead of just telling you it is a cross training day - you can open a workout on the Nike+Training Club app.  Anyways, it was primarily a stretching workout which was great for the legs.  

10.13.06 - Rest day.  I think I will foam roll tonight.

So this got me fired up this morning.  I saw it on Facebook and it made me feel highly irritated.  George Takei shared it. He shares some great stuff sometimes. 
Now, I am not going to say that this happens to me on a daily basis. But I will say I have witnessed and experienced it and it is infuriating. On that note, I would like to tell the mansplainers to be quiet. Really just try shutting your mouth once. For like 20 seconds.  Because more than likely, no one cares about what you're about to say.  Especially if you're a chronic mansplainer. 

That's all I have for you now!

-Amy D.

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