Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Survey and Some Goals

This is going to be a big one.  Martinez and I have chosen a survey to take on each other.  We are also including our New Years Goals so that we will just be committed to them and we won't be able to back out.

1.  What is something I say all the time?

-"Say Something" and "Apparently" :)

2.  What makes me happy?

-All deadlines being met, your family home together with no where to go, freshly mopped floors...

3.  How tall am I?

 -5'7"?  I know we measured once...

4.  What is my favorite thing to do?

- Baking with Liv

5.  What do I do when no one is around?

- Binge watch something fabulous and eat barbecue chips with cheddar cheese.

6.  If I ever become famous, what will it be for?

- The best interrogator in the world, you will have solved a huge case by questioning someone until they confess. 

7.  What is my favorite food?

- I don't know the particular food; however I know that it there is a possibility it is something made by your mama.  It probably includes meat. 

8.  What is my favorite restaurant?

- That Mexican restaurant in Arkansas.  

9.  If I could go anywhere, where would it be?

- The CMA's.

10.  What is my favorite movie?

- Fried Green Tomatoes

11.  You get a call that I’m in trouble. Who am I with?

- I have two scenarios - 1. Something big happened at Bunco, like you've stolen someone's prize (one of those fabulous Hobby Lobby signs you speak of) and you're being chased.  I will assume that M.E. and C.J. are involved.  2.  You go to China to get a baby but you ask the orphanage so many questions that they just cannot handle it (because you probably learned their language just so you could ask questions), so they start just handing you babies.  Kev freaks out and runs to buy a cat instead of babies.  So in this scenario you are kind of with Kevin; however, I do not feel that he is involved in the "trouble".

New Years Goals:

So last week as we were discussing resolutions/goals, Martinez apparently felt as though we were going to kill it in 2017 and has required ten goals.  I of course flipped out but have settled down since, I really have an issue with commitment...  We each gave each other one goal each so we had to come up with nine on our own.

1.   Daily quiet time - We are being proactive on this one and both are ready with Jesus Calling.

2.  Back to my happy weight.  Even if my happy weight ends up being something different than what it once was.  I just want to feel good and not stuffed in my clothes.  Which means that there will be some yelling at each other not to eat bad food and to drink water.

3.  Dental appointments for my family.  I hate calling and making appointments, (really, I hate calling anyone).  I think it has something to do with being on the phone off and on all day long at the office.

4.  Eye doctor appointments for my family.  See explanation above.

5.  Host a holiday party.  We always talk about having a holiday party like Mix and Match Mama does every year but we never do.  So, we have a year to plan said party.

6.  Organization.  I am not even going to specify what I want to organize I just need to do more of it.  In all areas of my life!

7.  More photos.  I have got to start taking more photos of my children, parents, everyone.

8.  Another PB on the half marathon.

9.  Read more.  One book a month, this used to be super easy for me. 

10.  Join a church - this is from Martinez.  She really likes to challenge that commitment thing. 

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