Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bad Habits

This week we drew "What are your bad habits".  Now, the Martinez and I are pretty amazing so this one is going to be hard.  Just kidding.  Totally kidding.

1.  The snooze button.  I will hit snooze every nine minutes for over an hour. 

2.  Not putting laundry away.  I will wash, dry, and fold the clothes.  Then I leave the piles of folded clothes sitting and will move said piles of folded clothes around for days until I finally put them in the drawers/closets where they belong. 

3. Dry shampoo.  The amount of days that I spray dry shampoo in my hair between washings gets a little out of hand.

4.  Procrastinating.  I am the worst.  Last minute on everything.  I try really hard not to procrastinate; however, not hard enough.  

5.  Weekend eating.  I am out of control on the weekends.  I have got to reign it in.  I can be a perfect eater all week and then the weekend hits and I blow it all away.  

I know I have more bad habits.  My husband could probably make a list that would surpass my five; however, we will not ask his opinion on this subject ;)

-Amy D.  

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