Thursday, December 8, 2016

When I am an Old Woman, I Hope _______________.

Guess who's back, guess who's back, back again?  Weekly prompts with the Martinez; for seven weeks anyways.

I hope for good health, I hope still be working out in some way (hopefully that old crazy woman you see at races), I hope that I have a ton of family around me, I hope that I am spunky.  I hope that I have the right amount of sass and crankiness to make me endearing.  I hope that I am not boring and sad.  I want to still go out to restaurants and do other things.  Not too long ago J and I had a night out so we went to our favorite little bar in our town and while we were sitting there an older couple came in (I would guess them in their seventies) they walked right up to the bar and sat down like they owned the place.  They were happy, they made me happy, and I told J that I hope we still go to the bar and hang out with each other at that age.  We can hang out other places too, I just hope we have enough spunk to get out, you see what I'm saying here, I hope.  

After saying all of that, I am a little concerned about my vision of myself as an old woman because it is already as if I have an 80 year old cranky woman living inside of me.  Because this is me already, basically.

-Amy D.


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