Friday, November 22, 2013

A Rant or a Soapbox? You Decide.

I feel as though most people that read my blog (all four of you) are adults and some are moms and can probably relate to what I am talking about.  One thing that has always shocked me about "mommy-hood" is how mean other moms can be.  Now, do not be confused - these moms are not mean to the children or other people's children - they are mean to other moms.  {Especially moms of girls....}  You might be misguided and think that moms out there would "buddy up" and take on the world together for their children.  Nope.  Not always the case.  I'm going to let you in on the truth - they are mean.  Like mean-girl mean, sometimes.  Many times there is no reason for the way they act.

Below you will find my two violations that merit the mean-girl reactions most often (please note that I find these asinine):

1.  I work.  Yes, you read that correctly - I have a J.O.B.  One of the things that I have received the "mean girl" treatment for is working.  Really?  I have been snubbed for working.  Ridic?  Yes.  This is always something that has irritated me.  "Oh, you work?" with judgmental eyes is a questions that I have been asked several times from other moms since E has started school.  My gut is to respond with a tongue lashing and a reference to the fact that they are still in their pajamas and should probably have their local Mary Kay lady come out and teach them a thing or two. However, I generally just answer with a "yes" and go on with my day (usually to work).  This is not something I dwell on and it doesn't genuinely upset me because I do not find fault with working and providing for your family.  I do, however, find it annoying and it makes me want to kick people in the shins.    

2.  My daughter goes to public school and my son will when he is old enough.  No, I do not home school my children.  I do not feel that I can teach them everything they need to know for life.  If you feel like you are equipped to do that - go for it.  (Please actually teach them something and do not allow them to stay in your home and become hermit crabs.)  I, PERSONALLY, feel there is no way that I can teach my children what it is like to fail, to succeed, to be snubbed, to be accepted, to fear, to be brave, to lose friends, to make friends ... these are the things I feel they learn by interacting with other children and teachers.  I also, PERSONALLY, do not feel that I am smart enough to give them all of the education they need and or want.  I want them to be better than me, smarter than me - how can they achieve that if I am the only person they get to experience as a teacher?  Those are all of my opinions on the subject - but you know what?  When you tell me that you choose to home school your children, I will say okay.  I am not going to chastise you.  I, on the other hand, have been asked how I know that I can protect them, aren't I worried that they will be exposed to things that they shouldn't be exposed to, how will you keep them safe?  Why ask these questions?  Why pass on judgment to other moms when that is one of the things that you are trying to protect your children from by homeschooling them?  Practice what you preach, sistas.

All of this to say - why do we not try to make childhood the best we can for our children?  Children can feel that tension and if they see their mother treating another mom in a rude fashion they will find it suitable to do that to their classmates.  How are we going to handle the arguments and fights our children will get into with each other if all of the moms are already mad at each other?

Remember what they say....

**Disclaimer - I know that everyone is not the same and that all people do not act the same way.  I am just ranting off of my own personal experiences.**