Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday Musing

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  I know I did.  

Friday night I went to one of my oldest friend's kid's birthday party and then went to dinner with my kids.  We had a very calm Friday night.

Saturday morning I had a long run, then came home and took this kid to breakfast.

After breakfast we ran a couple errands.  One of them included D spending a Target gift card.  So, I definitely got my Target fix for the month.  

Saturday evening included a trip to the park, pizza from Papa John's, watching the Olympics, and karaoke at the house.

We were clearly inspired by the Olympics and thought we should do our own tricks.  We could never get that fourth person...

Sunday was church, lunch, grocery store, dance for Em, and a trip to the park.  We ended the night with popcorn and a movie.  

I hope everyone has a great week!  

Week 4

Hello all!  Week 4 is done.  I feel good about completing this week as it was my first week to have four running days. 

This week called for:

Monday:  Easy 3 miles

Wednesday:  Fartlek 4 mi 20 min of 1 min hard 1 min easy

It was beautiful outside on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Thursday:  Recovery 3 miles

I got started much later than I had planned on Thursday and had to finish in the dark (gasp).  I am Susie Safety when I am on my own (which is 99% of the time) so I turned my earbuds off and let all of the other park patrons listen to The Greatest Showman soundtrack.  You're welcome.  It was quite peaceful at night. 

Saturday:  Stress Long Run 6 mi

Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Favorites

It is that time of the week again! 

Of course today is a favorite because it is Friday!

I completed week 3 of training.  You can read about that here.

As usual, I will start with the weekend.  Do you guys remember how I was really excited about my standing desk?  When I got to work Friday morning - it was gone.  Just gone.  I very quickly realized that the Martinez had been up to absolutely no good.  She had hidden it after I left on Thursday.  After a quick fit thrown by me, I found my desk and all was right in my world.  This is a favorite because work is never dull as I quickly hid her space heater.

The weekend was a little busier than they have been recently; however it was good.  Saturday was a long run, a baby shower, and a couple errands.  Sunday was church and lunch with friends.  Both weekend days included ice cream.  

and coffee.  Lots of coffee.

Tuesday night was the Valentine's dance at the middle school for Em.  Watching this girl grow up is a favorite, but time could slow down a little.  :) 

Wednesday was Valentine's Day which meant party day for D.

You guys, I am exhausted this week.  I think it is because of my constant watching of the Olympics.  I think that watching the Olympics should actually be an event.  I would excel.  I also think that ballet en pointe shoes should be an event.  Hello, if curling is an event then people dancing on their toes should be as well.  The Olympics + Amy = Favorite.  

Did you guys see Shaun White win?

I feel a little guilty for forcing my love on you, Martinez.  I will try not to demand that you stand next to me and watch any Olympics again.  

Y'all.  I got rated on Etsy.  Made my night which was obviously a favorite.

The book I have been reading is so much a favorite.  Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.  I have been waiting on this since about November.  I even pre-ordered it.  That is something I really do not do.

Rachel Hollis also has a sweet series that you should check out.  I have read two out of the three but *needed* to read this first.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

How We

Today I am linking up with Mix and Match Mama and a Little Bit of Everything for their monthly posts on How we.... 

The topic for February is how we take care of ourselves.  When I think of this, I think of how I take care of myself mentally.  Like what I do to prevent myself from going crazy on the crazies.

When I start feeling crazy in my head I tell my people that I need to go run.  I need to go run outside at the park by myself.  Example:  Me - "I need to go run outside" J- "go".  He knows, he can tell when the crazy is starting to set in; J, however is not like this at all, he is very social and wants to be around people all of the time.  He has adjusted to me well.  Coincidentally since I have been sticking with this training plan, I have not said that to anyone in a while.

The other thing I do is spend time by myself (my brother is the same way).  I have always been this way, as a teenager when I got home from school my brother and I would be the only people at the house and we would go to our rooms with absolutely no conversation.   After about 30 minutes we'd be good and watch something on television.  There was no discussion of our system it is just what worked.  Now, as an adult and parent, I cannot come home and just be left alone so I power through (adulting is overrated) and I reserve time for myself at night after the kids are in bed.  I am just someone that has to decompress alone.  If I feel like I cannot get time alone, I will go take a shower.  The water keeps people away :)    

So, if you were to summarize this with "wow she's a loaner".  Yes, I can be.  I am okay with it.  

Monday, February 12, 2018

Week 3

Hello all!  Week 3 is done!  I am late on updating because I had a busy Saturday and did not have time to sit down and post.  Anyways,  week 3 called for easy 3 miles on Monday, fartlek 4 miles with 15 minutes of 1 minute hard and 1 minute easy on Wednesday, and a 6 mile long run on Saturday.  I had to do two of these runs on my treadmill which is kind of a form of torture.  I do realize that I am being a bit dramatic.  





Monday required the treadmill because I had D and Saturday required the treadmill because I needed to do it early in the morning and I do not run by myself in the dark.  

After my run on Saturday I had to quickly get ready for a baby shower.

So, while some people have shower beers, I had a shower Nuun.

I hope everyone had a super weekend and a super start to your week.  Week 4 calls for 4 days of running so send me all of your positive vibes!  

Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Favorites

It is time for Friday Favorites!

Today, of course is a favorite because it is Friday.

I finished week 2 of training, you can read about that here.

I'll start with our weekend.  We had a great one.  J and Em were both home.  Family dinners and chill time at home was in abundance!  I laid like this in Em's room for a really long time on Saturday night while talking to the family.  Yes, all four of us were piled in her room.  I've seen all of the runners on Instagram do this and never tried it before.  It is also a new favorite.  

I need a tan.
I wanted to tell you about my new favorite pants that I've been running in.  They are of course from Marshall's.  The brand is Reebok.  Do you guys remember stirrups?  Look:

I do not leave them like that when running, I just flip that stirrup up and run.  But, when I get home I wear them like that and I stretch.  I love them.  Em does keep informing me that they are not stirrup pants, but I won't accept negativity like that in my life.  

Sorry about the photos of my legs and feet.  

This popped up on my Timehop.  How is she already a teenager??

I have a very big favorite for you guys.  I have been talking about this for a while - a standing desk.  Operation no flat butts in 2018 is in full force now with my new purchase.  Actually, J ordered it for me because I am too cheap and kept looking for cheaper ones.  Anyways...  he ordered me the Varidesk Laptop 30.  I am obsessed with it.  

And for one more favorite - Martinez and I showed up to work matching... again.

I am working on my selfie skills. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Week 2

Week 2 review is here! 




Stretching Station.  Ha!  It works though.

Week 2 is in the books with a total of 10 miles this week.  I will check in again next week!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

I am sooooo ready for Friday this week.  

I will start with my weekend.  It was just D and I as Em was at her dad's and J was on the road.  D was slightly sick over the weekend so there was a lot of this.

We did not go to church on Sunday because of the nagging cough.  D decided he would make his own breakfast and along with breakfast he thought we needed to listen to.... The Greatest Showman! So we felt very empowered and ready to take on our day!

I successfully completed my first week of training.  You can read about that here.

My favorite creamer is finally back, you guys!  This favorite makes my mornings so much better.  Apparently during the holidays, they take away Salted Caramel Mocha to make room for Peppermint Mocha and Pumpkin Spice.  That hurt me real bad, Walmart.  

I did my first "Day in the Life" post.  You can read that here.  It was fun, but I forgot to take photos after about 6:00 p.m.  Oops!

On Tuesday of this week my office roomie, Martinez, and I laughed so hard.  We have not had a laugh like this in a while.  My stomach hurt a little after.  We discovered that I cannot wink.  Like, cannot.  I move my entire face and it is weird.  If I winked at a stranger, I think it would scare them.

I also give myself a double chin when winking

I have another thing that was not a favorite this week.  My dryer went out.  Boo.  This image is NOT a favorite.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  We have nothing planned and that is a favorite!!  

Thursday, February 1, 2018

A Day in the Life

So, yes, Martinez and I are getting fancy.  We are doing our own "day in the life" posts.  We get really excited when these are posted on the blogs we follow so we decided to do our own.  After a very scientific process that included a coin toss we decided on Wednesday as our day.

So here it goes. 

My first alarm goes off at 4:45 a.m..  I am a chronic snooze button pusher and have to give myself some time.  Anyways, I'm up about 5:00 a.m. 

I start with reading my One Year Bible and coffee. 

After my quiet time, it is time to really get up and out of bed to start getting ready for the day.  (My morning time is just what is working for me right now.  There are times when I will get up at 4:20 a.m. to be able to workout and read my Bible and then there are days where I turn my alarm off and fly out of bed at 6:45 a.m. in a panic.  It's called balance, people.)  

The Greatest Showman soundtrack on my speaker in the bathroom for my shower.  #becauseduh

After I am out of the shower I get the kids up and start breakfast.   D has started setting his alarm for 6:00 a.m. and getting up on his own.  Do you guys know what his alarm song is?  The Greatest Showman and he picked it on his own.  I love it.  

Lemon water and my second coffee. 

After breakfast I finish the kids' lunches.  D still likes my notes on his napkins, the teenager has decided that she is too cool for my notes.

Then the drop off line.  Maybe I should start a weekly segment on things that make me roll my eyes while in the drop off or pick up line...

And of course a Snapchat to sister.  (I have been able to keep my streak with Em going for 19 days, I always forget and ruin it.)

After I drop D off (my cousin takes Em and her daughter to the middle school/high school and then I take the littles to the elementary/intermediate school).

After drop off I go on to work.  

Lunch at the office.  I pretended it was pizza. 

I am not sure how this happened; however, Martinez and I are the best of friends and we work together all day.  You know what we did not do on our "day in the life" day?  Take a photo together at work where we see each other every day. 

So after work and after a long conversation with Martinez regarding the selfie in the mirror - this is what I came up with. 


I changed after work and headed to the park to run.  I was so excited because my phone knew where I was going.  That must mean I am sticking to a schedule ;)

I forgot to take a photo at the park so you get this after.

When I got home I took Em and her friend, C, to youth group at church.  Then I completely forgot about the project of the day and quit taking photos.  

D and I did some picking up around the house and homework.  D had a rough day at school yesterday so he was in bed by about 8:30.  C's dad brought the girls home and Em was in bed by about 9:30.    

I hope I did not fail too badly on our first day in the life post!