Thursday, January 19, 2017

I'm a Genie in a Bottle

Our topic for last week was - if a genie appeared, what would you wish for?  We are late this time around because of me.  I was not ready last week.

1.  Duh.  More wishes.  Then...

2.  No more cancer. 

3.   The ability to provide infinite opportunities for my children. 

4.   I would probably wish for some large sum of money to pay everything off, but I would keep working.   I am not programmed to stay home all day.  

5.  50 - 60 degree weather every Saturday morning for long runs.

6.   More wishes to have on reserve.  

Okay, so honestly when we drew this topic I thought this was going to be amazing.  But, when it came down to actually writing about it, I think this has been my least favorite, I'm sorry folks.  Also when I think of the topic all I can really think of is "I'm a genie in a bottle, baby, come, come, come on and let me out" and "ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck". 

- Amy D.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Things I Learned on My Trip to Florida

These are the things I learned on my trip to Hollywood, Florida.  They are in no particular order; just things that come to my mind.

1.  Residents of Hollywood, Florida are rude.  Please be advised that your town runs on the money of the tourists; as such, get over yourselves.

2.  I loved walking and running on the Broadwalk (even though I kept calling it the Boardwalk; it goes much better with the song).  You walk everywhere there and I loved that.  I hit 10,000 steps by like 1:00 p.m. every day.  Amazing.

This is not what I am used to!

3.  I could live in a small beach town and be happy (in a house that is a normal size).  That is probably what I will do when I win the lottery.  Note to self - start playing the lottery.

4.  There was a mermaid waiting on me.  They are real, so don't even start with me.

5.   When something hard touches my foot in the ocean - I freak out.  So does my preteen.  We are entertaining to watch.

6.    I survived the plane rides.  I survived planes taking off five times.  I survived planes landing  five times.  My children survived as well.  Neither one of them had been on a plane before, they were both amazing for all the plane rides.  The first time we took off D yelled wwwwwhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy???????  Which was hilarious. 

7.  My family can get along in a very small room with one bathroom for five days.  The kids didn't even really fight that much.  I was impressed; wait, let me specify - not impressed with the hotel; but my family's ability to accommodate the hotel's shortcomings.  

8.  After I recover from this trip, I will consider another one :)

Ready to go!

She is always dancing, even at the beach.

I so wanted that sign for her bedroom door.

My first panorama photo!

All the crazies at Margaritaville.

The day we left was cold!

His shirt says "I'd flex but I like this shirt".  Quite the gem we found for D.

I think that is all I have for now.  We are back in Oklahoma and school started back today.  So I guess I am adulting again.  Lame.  Now to get started on all of those goals I made...  

-Amy D.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Survey and Some Goals

This is going to be a big one.  Martinez and I have chosen a survey to take on each other.  We are also including our New Years Goals so that we will just be committed to them and we won't be able to back out.

1.  What is something I say all the time?

-"Say Something" and "Apparently" :)

2.  What makes me happy?

-All deadlines being met, your family home together with no where to go, freshly mopped floors...

3.  How tall am I?

 -5'7"?  I know we measured once...

4.  What is my favorite thing to do?

- Baking with Liv

5.  What do I do when no one is around?

- Binge watch something fabulous and eat barbecue chips with cheddar cheese.

6.  If I ever become famous, what will it be for?

- The best interrogator in the world, you will have solved a huge case by questioning someone until they confess. 

7.  What is my favorite food?

- I don't know the particular food; however I know that it there is a possibility it is something made by your mama.  It probably includes meat. 

8.  What is my favorite restaurant?

- That Mexican restaurant in Arkansas.  

9.  If I could go anywhere, where would it be?

- The CMA's.

10.  What is my favorite movie?

- Fried Green Tomatoes

11.  You get a call that I’m in trouble. Who am I with?

- I have two scenarios - 1. Something big happened at Bunco, like you've stolen someone's prize (one of those fabulous Hobby Lobby signs you speak of) and you're being chased.  I will assume that M.E. and C.J. are involved.  2.  You go to China to get a baby but you ask the orphanage so many questions that they just cannot handle it (because you probably learned their language just so you could ask questions), so they start just handing you babies.  Kev freaks out and runs to buy a cat instead of babies.  So in this scenario you are kind of with Kevin; however, I do not feel that he is involved in the "trouble".

New Years Goals:

So last week as we were discussing resolutions/goals, Martinez apparently felt as though we were going to kill it in 2017 and has required ten goals.  I of course flipped out but have settled down since, I really have an issue with commitment...  We each gave each other one goal each so we had to come up with nine on our own.

1.   Daily quiet time - We are being proactive on this one and both are ready with Jesus Calling.

2.  Back to my happy weight.  Even if my happy weight ends up being something different than what it once was.  I just want to feel good and not stuffed in my clothes.  Which means that there will be some yelling at each other not to eat bad food and to drink water.

3.  Dental appointments for my family.  I hate calling and making appointments, (really, I hate calling anyone).  I think it has something to do with being on the phone off and on all day long at the office.

4.  Eye doctor appointments for my family.  See explanation above.

5.  Host a holiday party.  We always talk about having a holiday party like Mix and Match Mama does every year but we never do.  So, we have a year to plan said party.

6.  Organization.  I am not even going to specify what I want to organize I just need to do more of it.  In all areas of my life!

7.  More photos.  I have got to start taking more photos of my children, parents, everyone.

8.  Another PB on the half marathon.

9.  Read more.  One book a month, this used to be super easy for me. 

10.  Join a church - this is from Martinez.  She really likes to challenge that commitment thing. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Favorites

Ah.... my favorite day of school of the year (before the last day).  And this year it lands on a Friday.  I like it.  Today is the last day of school for two weeks.  Some may think "what does this matter to you"?  "You do not work at a school where you will be off for two weeks."  No, no, I do not; but, this means my KIDS have no responsibilities which means I do not either (outside of my work and stuff).  All I have to do is keep them fed and happy.  

1.  No drop off line for two weeks.  Those of you that are following me will also think "Ah, no pick up line either".  Yes, that is right folks two weeks off from being almost hit by a bus each morning because the sign says to yield to buses even though I have already yielded to three buses.  And no more moms not following the 'you let one person go, then you go rule'.  Moms and buses in pick up/drop off line = one of my worst nightmares.     

2.  Poo-pourri.  I bought it for the husband.  He tested it and it works.  That is all I will say about it.

3.  These photos in my camera roll, they make me laugh every time I see them.  We tried to take a photo of the kids and the pets.  Ferg was not having it. 

You might think I have the most perfect photo of my, a bulldog, and a guinea pig to end this stream of photos; however, I do not. 

3. This past Saturday Em and I did the run through the lights; it was so cold.  We stopped at each light fixture for warmth.  There was not any running happening and our legs were so cold, but we had so much fun!  

 4.  This guy.  He can find a photo opp anywhere.  This is at Lowe's.

 5.  The Christmas tree.  The timer has my lights come on every day at 2:30 p.m. so when I come home it is the first thing I see and it puts me in a good mood.  This particular photo was taken so that I could send it to the Martinez to prove that I have in fact put up my tree.  Her doubt comes from my bad habit of procrastinating...

That is all for now!  I hope that everyone has a wonderful last day of responsibilities for December!!!

-Amy D.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bad Habits

This week we drew "What are your bad habits".  Now, the Martinez and I are pretty amazing so this one is going to be hard.  Just kidding.  Totally kidding.

1.  The snooze button.  I will hit snooze every nine minutes for over an hour. 

2.  Not putting laundry away.  I will wash, dry, and fold the clothes.  Then I leave the piles of folded clothes sitting and will move said piles of folded clothes around for days until I finally put them in the drawers/closets where they belong. 

3. Dry shampoo.  The amount of days that I spray dry shampoo in my hair between washings gets a little out of hand.

4.  Procrastinating.  I am the worst.  Last minute on everything.  I try really hard not to procrastinate; however, not hard enough.  

5.  Weekend eating.  I am out of control on the weekends.  I have got to reign it in.  I can be a perfect eater all week and then the weekend hits and I blow it all away.  

I know I have more bad habits.  My husband could probably make a list that would surpass my five; however, we will not ask his opinion on this subject ;)

-Amy D.  

Thursday, December 8, 2016

When I am an Old Woman, I Hope _______________.

Guess who's back, guess who's back, back again?  Weekly prompts with the Martinez; for seven weeks anyways.

I hope for good health, I hope still be working out in some way (hopefully that old crazy woman you see at races), I hope that I have a ton of family around me, I hope that I am spunky.  I hope that I have the right amount of sass and crankiness to make me endearing.  I hope that I am not boring and sad.  I want to still go out to restaurants and do other things.  Not too long ago J and I had a night out so we went to our favorite little bar in our town and while we were sitting there an older couple came in (I would guess them in their seventies) they walked right up to the bar and sat down like they owned the place.  They were happy, they made me happy, and I told J that I hope we still go to the bar and hang out with each other at that age.  We can hang out other places too, I just hope we have enough spunk to get out, you see what I'm saying here, I hope.  

After saying all of that, I am a little concerned about my vision of myself as an old woman because it is already as if I have an 80 year old cranky woman living inside of me.  Because this is me already, basically.

-Amy D.


Friday, December 2, 2016

Route 66 Half Marathon

I went to a race outside of Oklahoma City (which is my comfort zone) and I survived. Gasp! I had to pack a bag and sleep in a hotel bed. My closet was not there with me, nor was my bathroom.  You guys, I was so nervous.  I do not travel well.  Not at all.  And I do not do it often.  This is something I could talk about for quite sometime; however, it does not really apply to what I am wanting to tell you about today.  Oh, and you're going to be reading about my stress over traveling to FLORIDA after Christmas.  Plane involved and everything - complete ball of stress over here.   So, back to Tulsa for the Route 66.  My sister-in-law and I left on Saturday around 1:30, my stomach was doing flips because I was so worried I forgot something important even though I checked 27 million times.  I did end up forgetting my lotion, I did not have a break down or anything though.  We arrived and checked into the hotel, the room wasn't ready yet so we left our stuff with the lady up front.  We went on to the expo and roamed around there for a while.  I love a good expo, y'all.  I generally do not buy anything as I am the cheapest person around; but, I was really worried about the weather the next morning.  We had not had a lot of super cold weather in Oklahoma yet but that morning was going to be pretty cold (in the thirties, I know this is not cold for some, but it is here) so I was kind of in search of something for warmth.  We came up on the Buff stand and while the salesman did not "blow my mind" as was promised, I did go ahead and purchase one.  I purchased this one.  It was not on sale at the expo.  Yes, I am bitter.  But, did the Buff work?  Yes, yes it did.  Have I worn it outside of running?  Yes, yes I have.  We wore them when we went to dinner that night.

No one thought we were going to rob a bank.
  And I wore it Black Friday shopping.

When we got back to the hotel from the expo we went to get our bags and go to our room for a bit.  My bag was gone.  It.  Was.  Gone.  I held myself together even though inside I was literally about to explode or something.  Turns out the valet people had accidentally picked it up and it was waiting on me there.  

To the race - we completely lucked out were super smart and booked a hotel that was right behind the starting line, so it was a very short walk over there.  It was very cold waiting on it to start, but my nerves warmed me as did my Buff.  When we started my left quad muscle was hurting, I said a prayer and kept going.  Throughout the race there were fun people along the way cheering people on, not as many people as the OKC Memorial, but more than I thought.  There were a lot more hills than I thought as well, but I survived.  My goal for this race was 2:45.  My chip time was 2:35:24, I was pretty proud of myself and happy that I met a goal I set for myself.  So, I can say I have a new PR :).  I stopped one time a little after mile 10 to take a huma gel and drink a cup of water.  After that I stopped for one minute walks three times.  After the race I did not have the pain in my stomach that I had in April or the pain in my knees so I was very pleased about that.  

Check out that medal, y'all.

Expo fun

Can someone explain to me why beer is so good after running 13.1 miles?

My experience running away from my "home" was great and I am ready to start training again to see if I can better my time.        

Oh, and Santa chased me.

-Amy D.