Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

1.  What we're eating this week

This week will probably consist of a lot of sandwiches.  The short weeks always seem crazier than the others.  Anyone else?  Wednesday we are having tortellini's with Ragu sauce.  I will also brown some meat to put with it.  

2.  What I'm reminiscing about

The fall fun we have had so far.

3.  What I'm loving

I am loving going outside in the morning and feeling the chilly weather.  I love it.

4.  What we've been up to

We have been very busy trying to survive school while enjoying this season.

5.  What I'm dreading

I am dreading the time change.  I know I have talked about this before but, you guys, I do not handle the time change well.  As soon as it gets dark, I have an anxiety attack in  my head because I think it means we have to get in bed.  My family will attest that this does indeed make me a crazy person.  I am going to try to be better this year.  I have already been working on it by doing a lot of self talk :)  For example "Amy - yes, it is getting dark; however it is only 7:30.  You have an hour and a half before you need to have the kids in bed, everything is okay".  I'm not sure that this will be as effective when it is dark at 6:00 p.m.  I will keep everyone updated as to my progress into possibly not being a crazy person.  

6.  What I'm working on

Please see number 5...

7.  What I'm excited about

The holidays - but then again I do not want them to come and go too fast!

8.  What I'm watching/reading

As I type I am catching up the on the latest Scandal episode.  Getting my inner gladiator on...  Although, I probably should not put this under this category.  Before I ever watched Scandal I was waiting to get my hair done and this lady says "do you scandal?"  I said "no I have never watched that, is it good?", she responds "oh honey, you don't watch Scandal - you scandal".  I binge watched it shortly after that and I have to say that I agree with her.  

I'm still reading A Game of Thrones (As Song of Ice and Fire).

9.  What I'm listening to

My Jack Johnson station on Pandora and my regular podcasts.  

On November 1st I am going to start my Christmas music!!  

10.  What I'm wearing

I am about to start my week of Halloween inspired outfits.  Woohoo!

11.  What I'm doing this weekend

On Friday night we will probably go to the high school football game, on Saturday I am running the Hope is Alive's TZ Memorial Sobriety Sprint, there will be some football watching, and Sunday will be church.  It will all go by way too fast.  

12.  What I'm looking forward to next month

Thanksgiving!  and Black Friday.

13.  What's your favorite Thanksgiving side dish

I do not have just one answer for this.  Mashed potatoes or sweet potato casserole.  Oh, deviled eggs... I cannot commit to just one.  

Hope everyone is having a great week!

-Amy D.   

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Favorites

Hello all and Happy Friday of Fall Break!  So, obviously, my first favorite is going to be that we are on Fall Break.  Even though I still have to work, if my children are on break - it is a huge break for me.  No homework, no lunches, no dragging children out of bed, and most importantly - no drop off or pick up line.  The drop off/pick up line is a topic for another day and definitely not a Friday Favorite.  

My second Friday Favorite is our trip to the pumpkin patch last weekend.  We visited the Myriad Botanical Gardens Pumpkinville in Oklahoma City.  We had a blast.

Laura Ingalls!  I love all things Little House on the Prairie.

Love D's photo bomb here. 

My third favorite is going to be my dinner I made last Saturday night - after Pumpkinville.  

I made Chicken Parmesan and it was amazing.  I lightly used this recipe.  I did not use her measurements but used her ingredients.  I was making dinner for five people and knew I wanted some leftovers so I made more.  I boiled spaghetti noodles and heated up Ragu to serve with the chicken.  My picky ways from my childhood bubbles to the surface in ways like my dedication to traditional Ragu.  There are no tomato chunks and it is basically the only way to eat spaghetti, in my opinion.  Here is a photo of my chicken out of the oven with the mozzarella melted and golden brown on top.  Y'all this was delicious.

My fourth favorite just happened last night.  We had our First Annual Halloween Movie Night.  Last night we watched Hocus Pocus and Beetlejuice.  I realized that E has never even seen Hocus Pocus <--- #momfail.  She said oh is that where that saying on my cute candle from Target came from.  Yes, my darling.  

I channeled my inner Olivia Pope and ate popcorn and drank one of my favorite red wines.  It was a brilliant evening.  In between the two movies J hid from us with a mask on, it was practically like a haunted house inside; I also discovered that my children are probably not awesome candidates for going through a haunted house together.  :)  
Happy Fall Break Weekend to all!!

-Amy D.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thoughtful Thursday

Hello all!  Thoughtful Thursday is going to be a week early because next week Martinez will be in Disney!  You can read all about her planning for the big trip here.

So, here it goes...

1.  Which are better:  Legos or Lincoln Logs?

I loved Lincoln Logs when I was younger.  I played with my brother's all of the time.

2.  Are you stubborn?

I have been described as that before...

3.  Who is better:  Leno or Letterman?


4.  Ever watch soap operas?


5.  Are you afraid of heights?

Pretty much.  I am really afraid for my kids to be up high.  I do not like it when D leans against the rails at the mall.  I hate it.

6.  Do you sing in the car?


7.  Do you sing in the shower?


8.  Do you dance in the car?

Not really.  Unless I am trying to embarrass my children and rocking out to some sweet 90's tunes - then yes.

9.  Ever used a gun?

Yes.  Not to defend myself or anything like that, just in the backyard. 

10.  Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?

A portrait?  Do school pictures count?

11.  Do you think musicals are cheesy?

No.  I like them for the most part.

12.  Is Christmas stressful?

It sure can be.  I try not to let it get to me though.

13.  Ever eat a Pierogi?

To my knowledge - no.  I do not know what that is.

14.  Favorite type of fruit pie?

I'll go with my cousin's apple pie.  Outside of that, I can pass up fruit filled pie.

15.  Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?

I firmly believed I would be in the WNBA from about third grade to seventh grade. 

16.  Do you believe in ghosts?

No.  But people have some crazy stories sometimes.  I definitely like to hear those kinds of stories. 

17.  Ever have a deja-vu feeling?

Yes.  Are those not the strangest feelings ever?  That also reminds me of This is Us.  Have you watched this week's episode?  If not - watch it and you'll understand.

18.  Do you take a vitamin daily?

Yes, currently I take Vitamin C, magnesium, and calcium

19.  Do you wear slippers?

Yes.  I literally wear each pair completely out - like to the point that the rubber sole is coming through on the inside.

20.    Do you wear a bath robe?

Yes.  Every morning.  I love my robe. 

-Amy D.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thoughtful Thursday

Hello all!  Happy October!  Is everyone else itching to wear their hoodies and drink coffee??  I know I am.

So, to continue with our 100 questions with the Martinez - here it goes:

1.  Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?

Why would I tell the internet where I hide my treasures?

2.  What do you drink with dinner?

Mostly water.

3.  What do you dip a chicken nugget in?

I do not really eat chicken nuggets.  Unless they are Chick-fil-a, then ketchup.

4.  What is your favorite food?

Mexican all the way.  No question

5.  What movies could you watch over and over again and still love?

Love Actually...  Elf (I do hear this one over and over again in my vehicle and still laugh)

6.  Last person you kissed/kissed you?

Sweet D.

7.  Were you ever a boy/girl scout?

No.  In fact, this was one argument my mom and I had when I was younger that I remember quite vividly.  For some reason my response to girl scouts was an emphatic "no".  Maybe it was the vests, I did not like vests.

8.  Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?

How much are you gonna pay me?  And are you gonna air brush me?  I need more details.

9.  When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?

An actual letter - I have no idea.  But notes to people - daily.

10.  Can you change the oil on a car?

No.  That is not my job.

11.  Ever gotten a speeding ticket?

I can proudly say "no I have not".

12.  Ever ran out of gas?

Nope.  I've been oh so close though!

13.  What's your favorite kind of sandwich?

As long as it does not have mustard or pimento cheese, I'll eat it.

14.  Best thing to eat for breakfast?

Sausage gravy and biscuits.  Or really good donuts.

15.  What is your usual bedtime?

Never as early as I want.  I would say my average time I go to sleep is between 10:30 and 11:00.

16.  Are you lazy?


17.  When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?

I remember being a princess, a cheerleader, a baseball player (I was this a few years), and Medusa.

18.  What is your Chinese astrological sign?

I do not know.  Could I Google it?  Yes.  See?  lazy sometimes.

19.  How many languages can you speak?


20.  Do you have any magazine subscriptions?

I do right now.  I only subscribe via fundraisers.  Right now I get Health.

That is all for Thoughtful Thursday!

-Amy D.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

What's up Wednesday

Today I am joining this link up:

What we're eating this week:

Well, the last two nights have been leftovers from Sunday which included bratwursts with chips and queso.  I know this sounds like a strange meal for most of you; however, it is one of my fave stay at home comfort meals.  Judge away!

Tonight I am making a Stouffer's Lasagna with these little garlic knot treasures my teenager discovered at Walmart.  My family loves these.  Once I told everyone to only eat one so they could have one the next night and you would have thought I had asked them to forego eating for a week or something similarly tragic.  So, now when I plan a dinner to have leftovers I know that it is expected to purchase more than one bag of treasures.  We will have leftovers on tomorrow night as Thursdays are our really late nights so there is not much time for me to make something new.

Friday - I do not have plans for Friday dinner.  It may be going out to eat.

What I'm reminiscing about:  

Last week was fun, it was homecoming week so we were busy with the parade and the game.  

D was saluting because he thought it was the ROTC.  This boy...
Also, on Saturday, Jason and I got to go celebrate one of my best friend's birthday with her.

I have been friends with these two for a very long time!  One I met in second grade and one in seventh!  It is crazy to think about how long we have been friends.  

What I'm loving:

I am still loving watching GOT with the closed captioning on.  I am not going to get over this realization any time soon.  

What we've been up to:

We are just trying to survive another week of school along with all of the other responsibilities that comes along with that.... ahem.... balloon powered car for eighth grade science..

What I'm dreading:

Nothing that I know of...

What I'm working on:

I have been working on an Etsy shop.  I am creating printable signs and vinyl projects.  You can click on my shop tab and check it out!  Here are a few of the printable signs that are available right now:

What I'm excited about:

I am excited about a weekend without plans with these two:

What I'm watching/reading:

I am catching up The Blacklist, started binge watching Younger, and I am slowly reading the first Game of Thrones book.  Yes, this is like the third time I have attempted this. 

What I'm listening to:

Heat Wave by Nancy Thayer

I'll Have Another podcast and Another Mother Runner podcast.

 What I'm wearing:

It has been raining so I have been dressing extra comfy.  Today - that means a light hoodie and yoga pants which makes me very happy.

What I'm doing this weekend:

Ooops I already answered that!  We do not have any major plans this weekend except for D's soccer game Saturday morning.  I am pretty happy about a weekend without a ton of plans!

What I'm looking forward to next month:

More fall :)  

That is all for now!  

-Amy D. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thoughtful Thursday

Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday with the Martinez and I.  We are answering 100 Questions from Four Hats and Frugal.  The questions are all silly, nothing serious here. We are going to do twenty at a time, we cannot handle 100 at a time.

1.  Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

They are open; however, my closet connects to my bathroom which connects to my room so I'm not sure this really applies to me.  I can tell you that my children both must have their closet doors shut, I also always slept with my closet door shut when I was a child.

2.  Do you take the shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels?

Depends on what kind of mood I'm in.  But if there is a hand lotion - it's mine.

3.  Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?

Tucked in.  It kills me when they are not tucked in.

4.  Have you stolen a street sign before.

Nope.  I can proudly say I have not.

5.  Do you like to use Post-it notes?

Duh.  Who doesn't?

6.  Do you cut out coupons but then never use them?


7.  Would you rather be attacked by a bear or a swarm of bees?

Gah.  How do you decide?  The Revenant and My Girl are both going through my head...  I don't think I am allergic to bee stings so I'm going with bees.

8.  Do you have freckles?

None on my face but randomly on my arms and legs.

9.  Do you always smile for pictures?

Yes.  Smile, pose, raise the camera as high as possible.  Re-take should it be necessary, if you say you don't do all of that - you're lying.

10.  What is your biggest pet peeve?

I have many.  Today I will go with people that they think they are more important than others.  You can read my post about my other pet peeves here, should you feel so inclined.

11.  Do you ever count your steps when you walk?

Not when I walk but when I run, yes, sometimes.

12.  Have you peed in the woods?


13.  Have you ever pooped in the woods?


14.  Do you ever dance even if there's no music playing?

No, not really.

15.  Do you chew your pens and pencils?

Not really.

16.  What is your least favorite movie?


17.  What size is your bed?


18.  What is your song of the week?

Rachel Platten's Fight Song.  I dig it.

19.  Is it okay for guys to wear pink?

I suppose if they want to wear pink then they should.

20.  Do you still watch cartoons?

Yes, with D from time to time.

That is all for now!

-Amy D. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday Favorites

Join the link up with me, ya'll.  

1.  D's haircut from last weekend.  He was/is so proud.  He insisted we go to a restaurant to show it off.  The blue was just wash out so it was gone that night.

D really gets in to his haircuts every time.  My sister-in-law cuts his hair and he always has a new photo to show her of what he wants.

2.  Big Little Lies book and show.  I started binge watching the show last weekend and finished this week.  So good.

I'm going to need them to come up with a season 2.

3.  Friday means new podcasts.  Woohoo!!!

4.  Country Pumpkin from Jitters.  Fall in a cup.  My heart in a cup.  How else can I say that I love this coffee.

5.  Football season.  Now I need to preface this with the fact that I am a new follower of the football.  However, football season has always been a favorite time of the year for me - because of the food.  Unlike my PIC, Martinez, I have not always actually actively followed what is going on with the football.  I have always been an OU fan as that is where my mom graduated from and I think my dad may have sold me in a garage sale had I not joined in the fandom.  Anyways, I am quite happy to back to my Friday uniform - yogas, some sort of team shirt (OU or Choctaw), hoodie and/or flannel. This is serious, ya'll.  

My super cute shirt can be found here.  

6.  It's Friday.  That's all that I need to know for it to be a favorite.

That's all for now.

-Amy D.  

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

What we're eating this week:

I am making pizzas on the grill tonight.  They are so, so, good ya'll.  So here is how I do it - I make this crust from House of Yum and this sauce from Joy Food Sunshine.  I'm going to make a cheese for sure and then maybe one with turkey pepperoni, depends on how much energy I have!  I use the Rock Crok Stone from Pampered Chef on the grill - I am obsessed with this.

What I'm reminiscing about:

Summer with no schedules and activities to run children to....

What I'm loving:

Hmmm.  Well, I do love the aforementioned Rock Crok Stone from Pampered Chef.  I am also loving my new Silhouette Cameo 3.  She has a place in my heart, although I have not named her yet.  

What we've been up to:

Well, we have been up to starting school which means getting back into a routine and homework.  

What I'm dreading:

I don't think I am really dreading anything right now.  

What I'm working on:

I am actually working on a little project.  I will link it to the ol' blog soon.  Anticipation is killing you, isn't it?

What I'm excited about:

I am always excited for a good Friday night dinner, that is definitely a weekly excitement for me.  I am also excited to start decorating for fall.  I know that many have already accomplished this task, however,  I am always behind!  I like fall decorations because you get to go ahead and put out Halloween decorations as well.  I am also excited about fall weather!  It was 46 degrees this morning when I got up.  Amazing.

What I'm watching/reading:

I am watching Big Little Lies which means that I also just finished that book.  It was really good, the show is as well so far.

What I'm listening to:

I am currently listening to Summer Breeze by Nancy Thayer.

And I'm always keeping up with my weekly podcasts -

What I'm wearing:

A hoodie any chance I get.  Which means it is usually at night in my house when I get cold.  

What I'm doing this weekend:

D's first soccer game is this Saturday.  8:30 a.m. is so early, but my favorite soccer player is so cute! 

What I'm looking forward to next month:

More fall fun and Halloween, of course!

That is all for now!  Happy Wednesday!

-Amy D.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Favorites

My ultimate Friday favorite is that it is indeed Friday.  I love Fridays.

1.  International Delight Salted Caramel Mocha coffee creamer.  

I.  Love. This.  Creamer.  J loves it as well.  Nothing else compares, except for coffee shop coffees.  I am not sure I am conveying how much we love this creamer.  Example - our Walmart was out of this creamer.  #ialmostcried  So, being the adults we are, we just bought a different flavor.  We used it a couple mornings then we went to Walmart again and they had restocked.  #praiseJesus   The next morning when it was coffee time, J and I had this awkward discussion wherein we ultimately decided to pour the other creamer down the sink.  I think we both knew that neither one of us wanted to be the one to have to drink the other creamer.  Just to clarify - the other creamer was not bad, it is just not the one we love.  Sometimes, when I get to work I worry that I accidentally left it out on the counter.  I might be obsessed.

2.  Re-watching Game of Thrones.  WITH CLOSED CAPTIONS.

My love for Ned has been rekindled.    Y'all, when you watch with closed captions - you can catch everything they say.  We have made a strict rule of one a night as when we try to make it through two episodes, one of us falls asleep.  We are rock stars.  

3.  Fall is coming.  Pretend that Ned said that.

I cannot wait to quit running that ac.

4.  We are getting a three day weekend!  WOOOOOHOOOOOO!

That is all for this week!

-Amy D.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Best Day Ever

I am linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday:  Best Day Ever.  My best day ever will be boring for most of you out there.

First and most importantly - my best day ever will take place on a fall day that would necessitate a hoodie.  

With that being said, I shall begin.

I wake up and get to run and the weather is perfect. I get to wear shorts and a long sleeved shirt.  I get back to my house in time to have breakfast with the family - this is because I got up when my alarm went off and I did not push snooze on this best day.  We eat breakfast, probably at Harley's Cafe in our hometown and I drink all the coffee I want.  On this best day, Harley's will be offering a PSL.

For lunch we all go to the movies because a movie that I've really been wanting to see is out and it is kid friendly.  I get to eat popcorn and drink Dr. Pepper.

For dinner, we have Mexican food.  I am not even particular about which restaurant so long as I get free queso and a Modelo :)  Then we go home for the evening, hang out on the back porch with a fire going and make s'mores and since it is the best day ever - the s'mores are not messy.  Then off to bed for everyone!

I think I kind of turned the best day ever into a magical best day ever because let's just pretend that all of the food I consumed on this day was calorie free!

And this is super indicative that I am ready for fall.

-Amy D.     

What's Up Wednesday

1.  What we're eating this week This week will probably consist of a lot of sandwiches.  The short weeks always seem crazier than t...