Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thirty Facts About Myself

Warning - This post is all about the Martinez and myself, so if you do not want to read about us, just leave. For our seventh week with the Martinez- we have drawn "Thirty Facts About Myself".  We discussed this one a bit and have decided that we also have to write thirty facts about each other.  And by facts, we really mean loosely based facts, maybe even opinions.  This could get entertaining.

1.   I am a Christian saved by God's grace.
2.   I am a mom to two really amazing kids.
3.   I am a wife to a really amazing husband.
4.   I like to run, it is my time to myself.
5.   Speaking of that, I like time to myself probably more than a lot of people.  I could spend an entire day inside my house without speaking to anyone and be just fine.
6.   I enjoy reading.  Sometimes serious books, sometimes really easy reading.
7.   I should get some sort of award for my binge watching skills.  They are that good.
8.   I decided this year to watch and follow football.  Which means I also just learned how the downs work.  Should you desire to know how I  thought it worked, let me know.
9.   I like old music more than new music.
10. I am terrified of flying.
11.  I have a strange allergy to sugar.
12. I have systems for strange things.  I do not like to alter said systems for anyone or anything.
13. I chew too much gum.
14. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons.
15. I get unreasonably angry when Mexican restaurants do not have free queso.  I go there to binge eat chips and queso.  Please comply.  (This should have been a pet peeve.)
16. I do not like my face touched.  My kids know this and use it to their advantage often.
17. I put up emotional walls so that I do not get too close to people.  Because, dang it, people are mean; even the people that you think you do not even need the walls for, they can hurt you.  This made dating me a joyous experience, just ask J.  
18. I despise putting on and taking off sports bras.  I sleep in them if I am going to get up and run in the morning so that I do not have to do it first. 
19. Like my binge watching skills, my binge eating skills are impressive.  I generally focus said skills on fun size candy bars.  I locked my kids' candy away in the safe that I cannot remember the code to one year so I would not eat it.  I will probably need to do that this year too.
20. I love my job but despise certain parts of it (scheduling orders and discovery).
21. I am awful at small talk.
22. I hate putting away clothes after folding them.
23. I listen to audio books when I run instead of music.
24. I am extremely forgetful, I have to set reminders for a lot of things.  I just remembered that we did not make Halloween cookies this year.  See?
25. I do not know my directions (north, south, east, west), unless I am at my house.
26. My temper needs a filter.       
27. I despise green beans.  Hate them.  I cannot even handle the way they smell.
28. I do not like feet.
29. As soon as I get home from work I have to remove my jewelry.  Except for my Fitbit.  Because I love my Fitbit.  Was that two in one?  
30. I talk to myself.  Sometimes I answer myself.  

... And thirty facts about The Martinez:

1.   She is a Christian saved by God's grace.
2.   She is an amazing mom to two awesome kiddos.
3.   She is a really good wife.  
4.   She loves the Razorbacks.  
5.   She is an amazing friend.  She checks in with her friends and remembers what is going on in their lives.
6.   Her floors are so clean you can eat off of them.
7.   Her binge watching skills are excellent as well.  We would probably tie for the award.
8.   She is not forgetful.  Not at all.  She remembers everything.  
9.   She should really be an interrogator for the FBI or something.  But I do not really want her to know this because she might leave me.  She can find anything out about anyone or anything.  The questions that you wish you could ask people - she can ask them and get an answer.  I try to always have all of the information when I have a story for her but I often times fail.  
10.  Her gum chewing game is strong.
11.  She may or may not carry a switchblade.  I am still not sure whether that was a joke...
12.  She is very organized.
13.  She has made me laugh out loud more than anyone I know.
14.  I think she can read my mind.  (one of the reasons I stated loosely based facts.)  
15.  She has strange systems for certain things.  Primarily eating cottage cheese and certain candies.
16.  She has thrown pretty much everything at me EXCEPT candy corn.  
17.  She loves me even though I am one big pet peeve sitting next to her all day every day.  
18.  Her lipstick game is strong.
19.  She always has my back.
20.  Sometimes she gets magnetic tape and two sided tape confused.
21.  I think she only gets mad at me when I do not know the singer of certain country songs.  Speaking of country songs, she big time loves the CMA's.   
22.  She loves Taylor Swift.  President of the fan club. 
23.  She does not like stupid comedy.  Nope, not at all. 
24.  If she wrote something down, you probably cannot read it. 
25.  Do not park your car in your drive way.  That is right, do not use your own drive way for your own vehicle.  Put that sucker in the garage or the Martinez is not happy.  (Like I said I am her pet peeve in so many ways.)
26.  She loves a good deadline. 
27.  She also loves rules and loves to follow the rules.
28. She washes her shoes in the washing machine.  All of her shoes.  Not just the tennis shoes that get really dirty.  This still perplexes me.
29.  Her downloading apps game is not strong.
30.  She is the best co-worker ever.  If you ever try to take her away, I will use her switchblade on you.

Number 22 is a lie.  

That is all I have for now except for photos of us.  That is right now you get to look at us.  You're welcome.

When we match at work we have to document it.
Same for when we exercise at work.

 Our kids love each other too and they are pretty much the cutest kids in the world so now you can look at them as well.

We went outside and took a photo especially for this.

Then this happened.
-Amy D. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Well, another Halloween is in the books.  I love Halloween; however, I dislike very much when it is on a school night.  Ugh.  We are all dragging this morning.  

Army guy and Dory
My Dory had a Nemo friend so she left us shortly after to go hang with her buddies in a different neighborhood.  She is so grown, boo.  She had a blast though!

Wine taster and disgruntled husband
I worked really hard on my costume.  

Here are some more photos of my cute kids.

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and that you are surviving today!

-Amy D.