Thursday, June 7, 2012

This is Why I Need Motivation

First, most importantly - my precious, beautiful, eight year old daughter accepted Jesus into her heart last night.  Wow, very cool!  Big night at VBS, the Lord was really touching some young people's hearts.

Second, I did not workout last night.  I know, already failing.  However, I did something fabulous.  I have been waiting on a package from Ulta for several days.  It arrived yesterday!

My very own gel polish kit!  I had to try it immediately.

I was getting sick of paying to have my nails done at the salon, so I took matters into my own hands.  I did my toes as well, however, I decided you may not want to see a photo of my toes.  Maybe someday I will share that fabulous vision with you.  So far I am very pleased!  The brand is Lomasi, I had never heard of it, but their products have great reviews.  E and I each did our nails and toes, as such we have already paid for the entire kit.  Oh, and Ulta had a $10.00 off code you could enter and they still have it on their website.  I'm still pretty excited about my new gems in case you can't tell!

Must return to work and typing with my fabulously gel manicured nails.

-Amy D.    

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