Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Christmas!

Well, I am officially the worst "Blogger" ever.  So much so that it has been so long since I've logged into my blog that I didn't realize Shutterfly posted my Christmas card not once, but three times.  Rock on.  To follow that up, I don't even know how to claim my $10.00 off for posting it to my blog because it took so long I got irritated and signed out.  Boo.  

I did start this post with a purpose...  I will probably not be posting over the Holidays, but on January 2nd I am starting the Weight Management System from Zeal.  Check it out here.  Who is with me???  Come on, I know someone out there wants to try!  In 2013 you can follow my getting healthy and hopefully prepping for something big!   I will have my list of goals for the new year posted soon.  Maybe I should make that one of my goals....  

All of that to say - I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and can find time to remember the true reason for celebration. 

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