Thursday, December 1, 2016

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Or a really cute outfit.  You guys, I won something.  Like for real, I won a giveaway that someone was hosting on Instagram.  That someone was the wonderful creator of BeyondFit Mom.  She teamed up with the online boutique Momraderie to give away an awesome outfit.  So, I entered (I think it was one that you had to like and tag a friend) and then when she announced winner - it was me.  You guys, I was so excited.  So, I receive the package in the mail and immediately the preteen sets her eyes on my new shirt.  (I don't know if I have discussed this, but the preteen gets in my closet and takes my clothes when I am in the shower.  She's so mean, just takes all my clothes.  Even something new that I haven't worn, she will whisk away to her room.)  I said "you can't wear this one until I do, it is mine, I won it" she said "well wear it because I want to wear it; I think it's too small for you anyways".  You see the treatment I receive?  Well, long story short, I finally wore my shirt and pants.  I am inserting a photo of the pants below because I am not doing this post in a timely fashion so they are not on the website anymore.  So, you guys should check out both of these ladies, they are awesome.  I had stalked BeyondFit Mom for a long time and then I listened to one of the webinars that she did for free and was hooked and if you join you better be my accountability partner!!  She has an amazing fitness plan and has created a really neat group of women that support each other and workout together.  They are definitely #squadgoals material.

This is obviously not me, it is BeyondFit Mom, but I wanted you to be able to see the pants and I do not have them on.

I sent this to the preteen the day I wore the outfit.  She couldn't handle it.  Mwahaha!

That is all for now - if you guys are concerned that the Martinez and I have quit our weekly prompts, do not fret, we have just been super busy and we also need some new topics.  So, if you have topics for us let us know.

-Amy D.

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  1. I really hope you backhanded the preteen for the "too small for you" comment...;)