Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Victoria's Angels

I missed the VS Fashion Show last night....tear.  Seriously.  I love watching that every year.  It is highly entertaining and fun to watch.  But it also reminds me of how out of shape I am!  Like if I thought of myself walking down the runway in heels, a bra and panties I think of how jiggly my stretch marks would be.  Then for a couple of months I'm kind of fired up to exercise that that is really what I need to get through the holidays!  However, I did not see the angels.  Sad story.  Now I will just have to pull my inspiration from the lady at my most fave Mexican restaurant.  This lady waltzes to the table where she is meeting what appears to be possibly a sister and their mom, throws her arms up in the air and proclaims that she cannot fit in that booth!  So sister and mom pull the table towards them to where they have to sit extremely straight and Miss Thang scoots in and proceeds to eat the house down.  After the spectacle that she made I couldn't help but pay attention to what she ate.  Now, I don't want to come across as harsh to this lady because I know how it feels to have my belly touching the table.  I became all too familiar with that when I was pregnant both times and hated it; I told myself that once I wasn't pregnant anymore I would never allow that to happen.     

Last night we went to E's third grade music program.  Here's the deal - unless my kid is on stage = snooze fest!  

Really D?  Not one that is Christmas card material.

OH - I'm considering a pretty big goal for 2013.  Stay tuned to find out if I commit or quit.  I will turn the dirty 30 this coming year...

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