Friday, May 10, 2013

Paying for Eating - Literally

Friday is here which means it was time to weigh.  I had to pay a dollar.  Sad story.  What is even sadder - I totally knew I was going to be paying.  I ate cookie cake with just about every meal Monday and Tuesday this week.  I had it coming.  So, as I sit here eating my lame salad I'm really wanting Whataburger, but I tell myself it isn't worth it!  Do you know what I could do with a dollar??!!  Have I told you guys about my obsession with Whataburger?  Caps lock omg - it is the ketchup.  They put magic in each packet.  Anyways, here is my picture.  I figure if the whole office including the salon in the back has the luxury of viewing my piggies and scale, why shouldn't you guys?  Lucky.

I saw this on the way to work yesterday.  I dig it.  Props to Soldier Creek.

I hope all the mamas out there have a fab Mother's Day.  May you have time to yourself and feel appreciated.  Heck, get crazy.  Try going to the bathroom - alone!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Hello Darlin', Nice to see you.... It's been a long time... You like that, Martinez?  And I know it's Conway, by the way - boom boom :).  So, it has been over a month since I have blessed the blog world with my thoughts.  Sad story for all involved.  I will quickly update you on the happenings that you have missed out on:

1.  We are still living with my parents.

Now, I would like to reiterate something.  My parents rock.  It is fun living there.  However, it is starting to wear on me.  I would like to walk around in my tank top without my bra, yo.

2.  Easter happened and my kids were cute.

3.  We started Biggest Loser at the office - weighing in on Fridays, if you gain you pay a dollar per pound - lose or maintain and you're safe.  We have to take a picture of our scale each Friday morning and show it to someone before we log our weight.  My goal is 115.  However, this morning I weighed and I weigh more than when we started.  Oops.

4.  I turned 30.

5.  E's first dance recital was a huge success.

6.  I'm experimenting with a vegetarian lifestyle.  Sometimes....  Blame Martinez for this idea.

7.  D got his first hair cut.

8.  I discovered yesterday that my most favorite blue water bottle is covered in mold on the bottom. RIP blue water bottle.

I think that is about all I have for everyone.  Feel updated?  I hope so!