Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Better Morning

08/29/12:  Treadmill
Jog/Walked 2.04 miles, 30 minutes.  It was a rough workout, however, I did it all alone.  No kids were awake.  Woohoo!  My stomach was killing me, so I jogged the first mile and then mall walked the second mile.

I think my stomach hurt so badly because I ate a nutritious dinner of Honey Nut Cheerios at 9:45 last night and when I was up at 1:30 with D I thought I was dying.  We were crazy busy last night.  After work and school I had to take D to the doctor which normally would not have been a very big ordeal had I not had to go back into town and fill prescriptions and buy up all of the gauze and tape I could for his burn.  Because I am a lame mom and have very few supplies to care for burns.  Then had to pick E up from basketball practice, then home to get ready for bed.  I wouldn't have survived the night with out my madre and my friend JC.  They took my kids so I could run the errands I needed to.  Then husband got home from his week at work and helped me bandage up the D man.  Could not survive without my family and friends!

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