Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I got scolded at Chuck E Cheese ...

While at the salad bar.  Really?  First of all lets rewind to the fact that I was at Chuck E Cheese on a Tuesday night.  This does not happen.  However, J has recently started a new job with cray cray hours so we had to fit in one last hurrah before school starts.  Both of my kids love the "Cheese" (as D would say).  I'm not sure why, but they do.  Back to my scolding - we go in, get our invisible stamps, pay a ridic amount for crap pizza, drinks, tokens and two salad bars.  After finding what appeared to be the cleanest table in the joint, we set up camp, prepare a plan of attack and execute.  Plan of attack being feeding mama because I was starving. So, I hit up the salad bar with the only plates we were given.  As I'm calmly preparing my salad I all of a sudden hear "did you pay for a salad bar" booming from behind the sneeze guard.  Through the sneeze guard, I look at employee of the month and say "yes, I paid for two salad bars" she very quickly grabs a special black plate and fork and shoves it around the sneeze guard at me.  You see - apparently at the Cheese, when you purchase a salad bar, you receive a special black plate and fork.  I was unaware of the salad bar etiquette at the Cheese (thank everything that is holy that I am not there often enough to know this). Being the zombie turned rogue shark that I am this week, I tell employee of the month (because I couldn't let something like this go, she needed to know that this epic failure was not my fault) "I was only given these plates when I purchased my salad bar".  She huffed and waddled back to the kitchen where I am sure she was immediately crowned employee of the month.  I proceeded to fill my green plate with all of the salad I wanted (green plates are bigger than black plates, suckers!).  I tell you this so that no one else makes the same mistake as me.  I would hate for any of you to be lacking in knowledge as to the salad bar etiquette at the Cheese.  You're welcome. 

Just in case you were wondering - I ate my salad and people watched like there was no tomorrow.  


  1. I don't think you really paid for the salad bar.

  2. I also agree, I doubt you paid for that salad (from a bag) either!

    1. I am pretty sure employee of the month picks the lettuce from the garden at the Cheese daily. That is the only explanation as to why she was so protective of the salad bar.

  3. Luckily my hubby doesn't read your blog...this would be proof of your lunch thievery (which I am now guilty of, too). Next time, claim the Cheese is closed and go to S&B. They have alcohol.