Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday (I don't really know what I'm doing...)

Okay, this is the first time to link up with anyone/anything.  And, I was kind of just thinking about it to see what would happen then clicked on something and it said that I was successful.  So, then I figured I better write the blog post.  Yikes!  So here goes,

1.  What we're eating?

Tonight there is going to be some fancy happening at my house.  The preteen picked this dinner out herself.  Stouffer's Lasagne.  It has to cook for like an hour and forty minutes so there ya go.

2.  What I'm reminiscing about?

Yesterday was mine and Jason's eighth anniversary.  This made me realize that Jason and I do not have many pictures together.  Guess we should work on that.

3.  What I'm loving?

I decided to switch my blush up for summer.  I received my MAC Golden Bronzer in the mail on Monday.  I'm loving it.  It is exactly what I had in mind.  And my Fitbit.  I love it. 

4.  What have we been up to?

We have been busy finishing another school year, so sad, I cannot believe it is already time for that.  I planted a vegetable garden and we have been working on our landscaping every weekend.  I will have photos of all of these projects for you very soon.

5.  What have I been working on?

I have been working on being caught up at work and learning how to have a vegetable garden :)  I really know nothing about it, but I want to have fresh vegetables this summer so I jumped in with both feet! (I literally have to google what these plants look like when they are growing so I know if it is the plant or a weed.)

6. What am I excited about?

I am excited about this Friday.  I am off with the kiddos.  My kids have not had school every Friday for the last month (snow days that were scheduled in and not used).

7.  What am I dreading?

Well, here in Oklahoma I think we all dread the same thing this time of the year.  Weather.  I'm totally dreading it.  We had our first night of watching the news from the time we got home until the time we went to bed.  Our shelter is cleaned out and ready.  I hope not to see much of the inside of it this year..

8.  What am I watching?

I actually referenced what I am watching the other day.  I am in LOVE with the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

9.  What am I reading?

Well, right now I am reading Misery Loves Company by Rene Gutteridge (this was the book club choice for April and they already met over it, which I totally didn't realize was happening until the next day...) and I am re-reading the Nonrunner's Marathon Guide for Women by Dawn Dais.  I have read this before and she cracked me up, so I'm reading it again.  And yes, it is not uncommon for me to have a two to three books going at the same time. 

10.  What am I listening to?

This is where you find out about my level of coolness.  Ready for it?  I'm listening to The Body Book by Cameron Diaz.  I listen at work, in my car, when I get ready for the day..  yeah.  Audio books are my new obsession.

11.  What am I wearing?

Okay, this one is kind of silly for me to do because I am not a fashion person.  Martinez and I just discussed as to whether or not I should even include this one.  We decided I would and that she would photograph me.  It is lovely.

I will break down why this is silly for me to do here as I hardly buy clothes for myself and I refuse to spend a lot of money on clothes.  Shirt - Lucky brand from Marshall's, I've had this shirt for over a year now.  Pants - (newest thing I'm wearing) Westbound from Dillard's they are what I call "suck in" pants.  Shoes -  Max these were from my sister-in-law's garage sale stuff.  Bracelet - gifted to me I think when E was a baby.  Fitbit - well, you know where to get that.  Necklace - super old from Premier Jewelry.  Earrings - Nordstrom (second newest thing).
12.  What am I doing this weekend?

This weekend will be busy.  We are running a 5k in our little park, working on E's book fair project, and there will probably be some sort of gardening happening. 

That is all for now! 

-Amy D. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I found this in my posts saved as a draft.

So this is super late but I'm going to go ahead and post it. Because well, I'm always behind. Why stop now?

Race is over.  I am in some pain.  It went really well though.  My good buddy, Vic knew our time last year.  It was 3:03.  My unofficial time this year is 2:54.  So, I beat it by a little.  I suppose you could say that it my new PR.  If you are an Okie, I really feel like you should experience the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon at least once.  This was only my second year; however, I just love it.  I loved every second last year and loved every second this year.  It is basically a bunch of people from all over our state (and other states, I believe they said 47 states were represented this year) that come together to remember what happened, run, walk, sweat, and have fun.  There are people in silly tutus, a man in a smoking jacket with a cigar in the same location every year, and people dressed up as bananas at Gorilla Hill.  As soon as you feel like you might die, someone will have a sign that will make you laugh or some random stranger will read your name on your bib and cheer for you; even if you're just walking.  I'm not a super sappy person, but that 168 seconds of silence does get me a little choked up.  After this race, I am all pumped up for the next one.  The next race I have planned is the Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa.  I have not registered yet, but plan to.  

*Update - I have registered!  And am training!*       

Friday, April 22, 2016

Hi.  Remember me?  I have been missing my blog lately.  I know it has been a hot minute over two years since I posted anything.  It is what it is.  So, since I last posted a lot has happened.  I'm not going to tell you all of it, because that would take a while and my memory does not work that well.  I was actually reading some of my old posts before I clicked to compose and was remembering all of the good times, super cool.  Which made me mad at myself for not posting for two years.  Whatever.  So, two years -  I'll just highlight some important things for you:

- E is eleven and will be twelve next month.  She started middle school this year.  Ugh.  It has actually been a great experience, despite my trepidation. 

- D is five and will be six in August.  He started pre-k this year.  It has been funny.  This kid is funny.

- I have cooked awesome meals that totally should have been posted about.  I have also heated up boxes of bagel bites and fed those to my kids as dinner (in the oven not the microwave, so that clearly makes me a little more awesome).

- I have made fun desserts that totally should have been posted about and I have also eaten spoonfuls of brown sugar because the cravings took over.  Just do not comment on that.  You haven't tried it so you don't know.  Lay off.

- Martinez is still my homie.  We still share an office and rock every day.  And still have challenges.
- I have two new bffs, Mel (Melanie Shankle) and Jen (Jen Hatmaker). If I had to define our relationship, I would say it is a little one sided but that is okay.  They do not exactly know me; I feel that if you listen to their audio books, it basically makes you friends.

- I have become a professional binge watcher.  And have realized that a "show hole" is a real thing.  Really real.  It physically hurts sometimes.  I am currently re-binge watching SOA and SATC (points to anyone that knows what they stand for).  And, I am first time binge watching the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
- I am obsessed with my Fitbit and my steps.

- I am not happy with my weight so that is a struggle.  I mean, what female doesn't struggle with that?

- Dry shampoo.

- I planted a veggie garden and I am obsessed.  This will be discussed in depth soon. 

- I ran the 2015 Memorial half marathon and am running the 2016 Memorial half marathon this Sunday.  I don't even know what my time was last year, the goal was to simply not die.  This year I hope to do much better.

Those are things that come to mind when I think about the last two years.  I'm sure there are more fabulous things; which I will think of as soon as I click 'publish'.  I hope everyone has a most wonderful weekend!  With good Friday night dinners.  Oh, that is now my thing.  I pretty much work all week for my Friday night dinners.  I have several requirements to consider it successful:

1.  Must be comfort food (comfort food is defined for me as whatever I am craving and not healthy).
2.  If it is at home it needs to be planned to where I am not required to go to the store that day.
3.  There needs to be some Mexican beer involved.  Preferably Modelo Especial.

Okay, I think that is all for now. 

-Amy D.