Friday, April 22, 2016

Hi.  Remember me?  I have been missing my blog lately.  I know it has been a hot minute over two years since I posted anything.  It is what it is.  So, since I last posted a lot has happened.  I'm not going to tell you all of it, because that would take a while and my memory does not work that well.  I was actually reading some of my old posts before I clicked to compose and was remembering all of the good times, super cool.  Which made me mad at myself for not posting for two years.  Whatever.  So, two years -  I'll just highlight some important things for you:

- E is eleven and will be twelve next month.  She started middle school this year.  Ugh.  It has actually been a great experience, despite my trepidation. 

- D is five and will be six in August.  He started pre-k this year.  It has been funny.  This kid is funny.

- I have cooked awesome meals that totally should have been posted about.  I have also heated up boxes of bagel bites and fed those to my kids as dinner (in the oven not the microwave, so that clearly makes me a little more awesome).

- I have made fun desserts that totally should have been posted about and I have also eaten spoonfuls of brown sugar because the cravings took over.  Just do not comment on that.  You haven't tried it so you don't know.  Lay off.

- Martinez is still my homie.  We still share an office and rock every day.  And still have challenges.
- I have two new bffs, Mel (Melanie Shankle) and Jen (Jen Hatmaker). If I had to define our relationship, I would say it is a little one sided but that is okay.  They do not exactly know me; I feel that if you listen to their audio books, it basically makes you friends.

- I have become a professional binge watcher.  And have realized that a "show hole" is a real thing.  Really real.  It physically hurts sometimes.  I am currently re-binge watching SOA and SATC (points to anyone that knows what they stand for).  And, I am first time binge watching the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
- I am obsessed with my Fitbit and my steps.

- I am not happy with my weight so that is a struggle.  I mean, what female doesn't struggle with that?

- Dry shampoo.

- I planted a veggie garden and I am obsessed.  This will be discussed in depth soon. 

- I ran the 2015 Memorial half marathon and am running the 2016 Memorial half marathon this Sunday.  I don't even know what my time was last year, the goal was to simply not die.  This year I hope to do much better.

Those are things that come to mind when I think about the last two years.  I'm sure there are more fabulous things; which I will think of as soon as I click 'publish'.  I hope everyone has a most wonderful weekend!  With good Friday night dinners.  Oh, that is now my thing.  I pretty much work all week for my Friday night dinners.  I have several requirements to consider it successful:

1.  Must be comfort food (comfort food is defined for me as whatever I am craving and not healthy).
2.  If it is at home it needs to be planned to where I am not required to go to the store that day.
3.  There needs to be some Mexican beer involved.  Preferably Modelo Especial.

Okay, I think that is all for now. 

-Amy D.

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