Thursday, September 22, 2016

Best Things About Fall

Alright folks, my good friend Martinez and I have a new challenge for ourselves.  We will have a topic each week that we separately have to post about.  We can not talk about them until we publish.  So we basically have a 'journal prompt' each week.  It will make us post at least once a week (for a while) and it will be entertaining for us to see what each other says.  The joke in our office is together we make the perfect assistant.  We come to work many times and and have both had the same ideas about something, are dressed alike, OR we completely disagree on something. 

Alright on to the topic - fall.

1.  Pumpkin -  All the things.  I love candles that smell like pumpkin and food that tastes like pumpkin.  I get way too excited, giddy really, over a good PSL.

2.  The weather - well, I guess I should clarify and say the few times that we actually get that awesome fall weather here in Oklahoma.  It is the first day of fall and the high is 90 degrees.

3.  Cool nights (and cool mornings) -  The mornings are amazing for running outdoors and I love that the nights get just cold enough for a fire in the fireplace on the back porch.   

4.  Breads - Pumpkin bread, banana bread, any kind of sweet bread.  Preferably sweet bread that my office roomie, Martinez brings me.  See below (it already happened this year)!  #winnerwinnerchickendinner

5.  Halloween - I love everything about Halloween.  I hope to one day have a house full of Halloween decorations.  I add something every year because I am too cheap to go and buy out Hobby Lobby.

6.  Thanksgiving - I really kinda love all the holidays (the big ones).  Thanksgiving is so much fun to me.  The last few years we have had it at our house which means I need more fall decorations each year.  What?  It is a fact.  Anyways, my mom comes over and helps cooks the turkey for me, we get all of the casseroles together, I usually have a come apart over deviled eggs, and then whatever else we have been "assigned" between the two of us.  

This was D helping with the turkey last year.  He did not want to smell the onions.
7.  Black Friday - We join the masses about 5:45 a.m.  So much fun.  I look forward to it every year and then on Thanksgiving night I freak out and wonder why I ever agreed to getting up so early the day after Thanksgiving.  Then check my alarm 27 times in the night, get up on time, get ready and set out for the fun day ahead.  I am so glad every time I go.  There are usually a couple of coffee stops and some wonderful comfort food involved.   

7.  Hoodies - preferably ones that have the front kangaroo pouch pocket.  All of them.  I was looking wistfully at one this morning.    

I love fall and winter.  I would rather be cold than hot any day!  You can always add clothes but there is a limit to how much you can take off!  I do, however, have one issue with fall and winter - the time change.  I despise the time change.  I hate that it gets dark at 6:00 p.m., it makes me a crazy person.  I constantly feel like I am behind and feel that I need to get in bed.  

That's all for now on my love for fall.

-Amy D.


  1. I forgot about the time change that you visciously hate or I would have guessed them all !!

    1. Girrrrllll... it's already getting dark early and I can feel the tension building up inside of me. I think it may be a medical condition. Can we diagnose me next week?