Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I have a hard time with dinner.  When I get home from work I want to eat all the foods (mainly binge eat the Utz Cheese Balls).  But I also try not to eat heavy at night because that will just make me fat.  I am also really bad at planning said dinners.  So, this summer I made a rule - sandwiches for dinner except for weekends.  People thought I was crazy and I am pretty sure many thought I was an awful wife/mom. But I am a bad mom remember?  So I just ignored that and made sandwiches like the Subway sandwich artist that lives inside of me. Now, I really had a reason for this rule, the reason is twofold:

1.  Half of the time they do not like what I cook so I make them a sandwich (do not tell me that I should force my kids to eat what I cook, I make them try it and if they do not like it they can deny it). 

2.  The other half of the time - they are not even hungry for dinner in the summer because they have eaten late with my mom or something. 

Now summer is over (even though I keep telling my kids we are eating sandwiches until Halloween).  They really do not like that so I keep poking them with it. The school year is completely different for us and they are hungry for dinner so I try to make fairly kid-friendly things, which proves to be hard many times. We recently started having "Sushi Saturday's" with my parents. After many YouTube videos we have become quite good at rolling sushi. I had an epiphany on Sunday - what if we have a food for each day of the week?  So far I have Sushi Saturday, Nacho Sunday, Turkey Burger Monday, and Taco Tuesday.  I need something for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Ideas?  And I need them to be things that I can do on the healthy side for me.  Last night (Monday) we did the turkey burgers and oh man they were good. Tonight I'm doing the tacos. Hamburger taco meat for the kids and fish for us.  I need some more ideas. Help! 

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