Monday, October 17, 2016

Dear Oklahoma Weather:

Hi. It's just me. I was just wanting to make sure you were aware that it is October. You're a little hot for my liking this time of year. And while the wind you are providing does make a nice breeze for these hot temperatures, it is pretty strong for outdoor activities such as running.  This afternoon while out at the park I was hit in the face with a leaf. Do you know why this leaf hit me in the face?  Because it is FALL. The leaves are falling off the trees because it is time for it to be cool outside.  I would also personally like to thank you for the sand blast I received today, that has to be some sort of spa type exfoliation.


Still flossing sand out of my teeth

10.15.16 - park, 3.86 miles

10.17.16 - park, 7 miles

Anyone have any tips on how to keep the sand out of my mouth when the wind is blowing in Oklahoma?

-Amy D.

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