Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mom Life

We moms deal with a lot of stress.  We all know that our husbands have no clue as to everything we do, handle, think about, etc. on top of all of the other things they actually do see us do, handle, think about, etc.  Many times the effects of this stress appear in little ways like switching my kids' sandwiches in their lunchboxes, leaving something out that should be refrigerated out all day,  forgetting an item for a school project.. this list can go on (for me anyways). Most of these little mistakes are not even noticed by anyone else. Then there are days like today.  I started out really great today, left in plenty of time to drop off at school, I was actually early enough to beat those two early buses I always have to yield to.  Huge victory, it is the little things in life.  When we were sitting in the car I realized that I could not find my cell phone. I even asked D if he had happened to put it in his pocket. So I dropped D off, went home to look for my phone. I did not find it so I looked it up on J's iPad and pushed the button to locate my phone. I did not hear it in the house so assumed it was in my car. Got back out to the car and did not hear it there either. I just assumed it was in a room with the door closed or something and left for work. I get to work and the receptionist asks me if I found my phone. No. and... how does she know my phone is missing...?  Well, D'S teacher had called J because my phone was going off in D's backpack.  Now one might think D may have thought it would be cool to bring a phone to school. No. No, this is not what happened. Y'all, I packed his backpack this morning. Which means I packed my phone up for my son to take to Kindergarten with him.  His teacher is awesome and though it was hilarious. Thank goodness we do not have some stick in the mud teacher.  While most of my stress induced mistakes do not result in multiple phone calls and emails, some do and that is life.

I retrieved my phone from D when I picked him up from school and it was safe :). At first I felt a little panicked without my phone. But then..  I started to feel kind of free. Like people couldn't reach me.  Is it not weird how much we depend on our phones?  I kept reaching for it all day out of habit and felt silly. I clearly experienced a time when I did not have a cell phone, no one did. And we all survived!  I think this might initiate a bit of a phone detox. We will see.

-Amy D.

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