Thursday, October 27, 2016


Alright, for week six of prompts with The Martinez, we drew "movies you can re-watch".  We really need a clever name for our weekly posts (we should work on this, Martinez).   Poor Martinez was slightly stressing over this because there is not a number; there are no specific instructions. I find her stressing over this extremely entertaining.

Let's get on with it.  You will probably notice a theme with the movies that I can re-watch...

1.  Love Actually - this is one of my favorite movies. When Christmas gets close and I haven't watched this, I start getting antsy. I need to see it and I need to hear that song!

Here is something I just discovered this weekend.  Andrew Lincoln plays Mark (the kinda creepy guy that holds the cards up to Keira Knightley).  You guys know who else Andrew Lincoln plays?  Rick Grimes. That's right. Same person. 

My mind = Blown

2.  Home Alone - I must watch the first one and I must watch it with D. He laughs so hard when the bad guys are trying to get in the house but keep running to his traps that his body shakes.

2.  The Holiday - Yes, another Christmas love story.

3.  Elf - I love Buddy. I love the narwhal. I love it all. And I laugh. I laugh hard every time. I could probably just say all Will Ferrel movies. When I see him, I just laugh. (Except for the ice skating movie he did.)  Elf is one of the kids' picks for the car, so it is not unusual to find it playing in the middle of July. 

4.  Sex and the City - I love SJP.  Judge away.

5.  Bad Moms - this one is going to be an owner. I've already expressed my love for this gem

So, yes, most of my re-watch movies are Christmas movies.  This kind of put me in the mood for Christmas.

Martinez, you okay?  Did you make it okay without any rules?

-Amy D.

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