Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving, Ya'll

So, I failed on my days of thankfulness.  Sadly, I know that no one is surprised.  Whatever, haters.  Instead, I will just give you a recap of all the things that I am thankful for, but not day by day like the annoying organized people.  I have already expressed how thankful I am for my Savior and my sweet little family.  I will go ahead and reiterate that.  I am extremely thankful for my Lord because without him I would be nothing.  My family is the most precious thing to me.  I am so thankful that God has given me two perfect children and a  loving husband. 

I am thankful for my parents.  My parents rock, you guys.  My mom is an amazing example to her children and her students at school.  I can call them at any time for help with my kids and they will drop everything they are doing to be there in a heart beat.  I lump my extended family in with my parents.  I am thankful for both sides of my family, but especially my dad's side.  We are all very close and always there for each other.     

I am thankful for my friends.  All of my friends:  friends at work who make the day fun and exciting, friends from high school that I can go months without seeing and then pick up where we had stopped the next time we see each other, friends from church that know me and my strange habits all too well, and "mom friends" that I make as my children get older.

I am thankful for all of the blessings in my life.  I am beyond blessed and try not to take it for granted; however, I do fail at that from time to time.

I hope that everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving and got to spend time with all of your families.  We had lunch with my dad's side of the family on Thursday (Thanksgiving) and then lunch with J's family on Saturday.  I ate way too much at each event and way too much in between!  I introduced E to Black Friday!  She said she wanted to go with me, so I woke her up.  My mom and brother went with us.  We had so much fun and I got so much accomplished!

Headed out at 4:45 am!
J peeled potatoes for me.  Look what he did.  I'm going to rent him out for parties soon.

Since running is the whole reason I started this blog....
11/25/12:  Neighborhood
2.5 miles - I took E with me.  She hung with me really well.  I was so proud of her.  I think it was something that she really enjoyed as well.  

Monday, November 12, 2012

I suck.

Day 7:  I am thankful for my job - even though I often think about blowing up my desk.  Like a stick of dynamite and a match.  I would say peace and walk out in a blaze of glory.

Day 8:  I am thankful for restaurants.  Dude, sometimes I just cannot bring myself to turn on the stove.

Day 9:  I am thankful for a husband that understands when I don't feel like cooking or even thinking about how to feed the fam.  He just steps up and gets that yummy chicken going.  (For those of you interested in yummy chicken, message me and I will send you the top secret recipe.)

Day 10:  I am thankful for afternoons full of laying around on the couch.  D is thankful for his huge nap he took while I did said laying around on the couch.

We made J smell E's foot while he napped

Full on fuzzy hair from laying around all afternoon

Day 11:  I am thankful for the Sundays that my little family can all be together.  This only happens twice a month.

Day 12:  And I've caught up to today.  Today is the weekday we remember Veteran's Day.  I am at work.  I am pouting about this.  However, I am thankful for all of the men and women past, present and future who have served and will serve for my freedom.

I'll leave you with this.  Because, quite frankly it doesn't get any cuter.

Insert walking out in a blaze of glory here.  Peace.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Lot of Thankfulness for Some Pretty Awesome People

Day 4:  The husband.  I am thankful for my husband.  He deals with my craziness, because, ya'll, I am crazy. I don't know if you have picked up on that or not... but I am.  He always supports me and is constantly complementing me.


Day 5:  The Daughter.  I am so thankful for my sweet girl, E.  She is so much fun, I love talking to her and watching her learn.  She has taught me so much in her eight years.  Not only is she my daughter but she is already my friend.

Day 6:  The son.  I am thankful for my sweet D.  Oh my goodness, that kid tests me to no end.  He is so full of energy and can always make me smile.  He has taught me that I can do so much more than I ever thought... on very little sleep.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Not What I had Planned to be Thankful for

I knitted furiously last night. Had to have burned some calories, right?

Day 3: Today I am thankful for God's protecting hand. E fell off her horse at her barrel race today. Pudge stepped on her hat (it had fell off her head) and immediately stopped. E got right up. She got back on Pudge and ran again. She ran her best time, 19.2. Obviously this was not what i had planned on posting about today. I guess the husband has to wait until tomorrow. Thank you, God for protecting my baby today.

Friday, November 2, 2012

It is Time to be Thankful!

So, here's the deal - every year in November people post daily on Facebook what they are thankful for.  I dove in and did it last year.  I was shocked at how I much I liked and it and how much it forced me to think about positive things on a daily basis.  Yesterday at work I was rambling to my office roomie, Martinez, about whether or not I was going to do it again this year.  You might think that this is a strange conversation and why can't you just make that decision on your own?  But peeps, Martinez and I sit next to each other all day and work and chat.  So basically, we pretty much know every thing going on in each other's lives.  Even the super small things.  As I was rambling about it she says "blog about it".  Interesting....  I've been mulling it over in my head ever since then.  I decided last night that I would do it.  I was too lazy to start at 11:00 when I finally made the decision.  I log onto Blogger this morning to get started but first I read the other blogs that I follow.  I click on Vic's blog and she is doing the same thing!  Scary.  Great minds....

Oh, and most people that know me would not expect me to have started this on time.  Like, seriously, I am late for everything.  Horrible trait.

Day 1:  I am thankful for my salvation.  Without Him I would be nothing.

Day 2:  I am thankful for my family.  My little family is so cool.  We are different and I doubt that most get us, but in my eyes we are perfect.   

Thursday, November 1, 2012

D's Checklist for Trick or Treating

10/29 & 10/30:  Living room

Jillian.  I have decided that next week I have to step it up to level 2 (insert scary music here).  I am clearly not doing the 30 Day Shred as the DVD instructs...

This year was D's first year to actually do some trick or treating, I must tell you that I firmly believe that he is going to be a professional.

D's top three things you must do to ensure a successful Trick or Treat:

1.  You MUST run from house to house.  You cannot walk. Cutting across grass is preferred.  Be certain that your mom does not have on running shoes or pants for that matter.  It is much more entertaining for all involved.

2.  When the nice people that are going to give you candy open their doors, you must instantly make an attempt to go inside their house.  It takes them off guard and they just start throwing candy at you to make you go away.  This is a "more bang for your buck" approach.

3.  When your mom tries to get you out of the middle of the street due to traffic, you hit her with your candy bag.  Make sure that half of the candy falls out so that she has to pick it up.  This allows for a quick escape.

Pebbles and Dino

This was a minor slip up wherein D tried to trick or treat at the big pumpkin instead of the porch.  Do not be alarmed as this only happened once.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!