Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Better Morning

08/29/12:  Treadmill
Jog/Walked 2.04 miles, 30 minutes.  It was a rough workout, however, I did it all alone.  No kids were awake.  Woohoo!  My stomach was killing me, so I jogged the first mile and then mall walked the second mile.

I think my stomach hurt so badly because I ate a nutritious dinner of Honey Nut Cheerios at 9:45 last night and when I was up at 1:30 with D I thought I was dying.  We were crazy busy last night.  After work and school I had to take D to the doctor which normally would not have been a very big ordeal had I not had to go back into town and fill prescriptions and buy up all of the gauze and tape I could for his burn.  Because I am a lame mom and have very few supplies to care for burns.  Then had to pick E up from basketball practice, then home to get ready for bed.  I wouldn't have survived the night with out my madre and my friend JC.  They took my kids so I could run the errands I needed to.  Then husband got home from his week at work and helped me bandage up the D man.  Could not survive without my family and friends!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Workouts and an Injury

08/25/12:  Neighborhood
1.72 mile walk/jog with the stroller, 21 minutes because D was trying to bail on me, 126 calories burned.

I guess there are perks to D waking up at 6:20 on Saturday mornings...  I have no excuse but to get in some sort of exercise.  And I get to look at this fuzzy head.

Were you guys impressed with all of my stats I had on my workout up there?  I figured... I have a new app.  It is called MapMyRun+.  I dig it so far.  My friend, V, has this really cool watch that does the same thing.  She will probably be a jealous hoe when she finds out that my app was only $1.99.

E cheered at her first football game this past weekend.

Have you seen anything cuter?  Don't answer if you have.  Then D tried to escape.

  08/26/12:  Living room
After I got home from church and laid around off and on all day, I decided to get off my butt and do something.  So, naturally, I got on Pinterest and did this:  (only Sunday)

08/27/12:  Treadmill
Got my butt up at 5:00 and hopped on the treadmill.  I was feeling bored and lazy so I selected the weight loss option instead of just turning it on and running.  I did that for 30 minutes and only went 1.79 miles!  I still worked up a sweat and it felt good.  Then I did the workout for Monday from the above picture.

08/28/12:  Treadmill
I don't know how far or long I went.  Someone decided to fall in between the belt and fireplace ledge and burn his sweet little squeezy leg.  D got up at 4:30 this morning and was ready to go!  After telling him 270 times not to come by the treadmill (don't feel too sorry guys, he has been around the treadmill tons when I'm on it!) he decided to just roll his cars on the fireplace ledge.  Well, he got a little too close and dropped two cars behind the treadmill.  As I was turning to tell him that mama would get them, I see him leaning, lose his balance and fall.  I pressed stop, jumped off, grabbed the bottom, pulled it up and got my baby (I probably looked like a ninja).  He got a burn on his little leg.  He was so upset!  So was mama!  I cried just as much as he did.  I felt so bad and still do!    Here is a sweet picture before our traumatic fall.  Yes, the "big trucks" had to be out even at 4:30 am.

Look at that fuzzy head and diaper butt!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Super Nanny - You. Rock. My. Socks. Off.

As you might have read previously, we got D a big boy bed for his birthday.  The first night was great, he went right to sleep and slept all night.  This was Sunday and he was worn smooth out.  He probably would have slept on the kitchen table all night.  Monday night and Tuesday night the husband was still home and pretty much took care of getting D in bed.  Which meant he got him to sleep on the couch one night and laid him in bed and the next night he laid in the room with him.  J left town Wednesday so D was left with mama.  Poor D... { Little history on Amy D. - I believe in crying it out, I also have a degree in Family Life Education, as such, I am always looking for new ways to handle my minions children.  I drive people insane with my opinions on many things and most think I am crazy in that I do not spank.  I also heart Jo Frost. }  So, Wednesday night when D decided he was not going to bed, I implemented the nighttime routine many of you have seen on the Super Nanny.  It lasted an hour and a half.  I spent most of the time trying not to laugh at poor little D.  At one point I found him laying in the hallway without a diaper on holding a new diaper for me to change him.  He was willing to try ANYTHING to not go to sleep.  I will say that it was hard to not look at him.  He really wanted mama to look at him and communicate with him.  He finally realized that mama was not giving in and told me "I night night".  I laid him down and he did not get back up.

Last night (Thursday), D passed out around 8:30.  I put him in his bed, he woke up and looked at me but I just covered him up and shut the door.  He slept all night!  Success!!  Jo's method worked like a charm.  I will keep you updated as to how our nights continue.  When E was little I used the same method but she was not as stubborn as D.  I put her in bed a few times and she was done.  She is like her mama, we like our sleep.  I did; however, use another of Jo Frost's suggestions with E.  She was always scared of something and Jo said to use a spray bottle of water as "monster spray" to spray away the monsters.  I turned a body splash from BBW into our "monster spray" and we were good to go!  It also made my house smell good.

Wow, I got off on a tangent.  With the weird nights I have had since Monday, I haven't had my normal amount of sleep.  Even though two of those nights J was on D duty, I still could not sleep.  I still feel like it is my responsibility to take care of that kind of stuff and have a hard time sleeping (something I clearly need to work on).  As such, my diet and exercise have SUFFERED.  I refuse to weigh right now after all of the cake and crap I have consumed in the last few days (last weekend included).

08/23/12:  Curves
Crap workout.  I could hardly get myself off of the couch to go.  I almost declined my mom's phone call when she was calling to tell me she would watch D so I could go.  I was worthless!   I was mad at myself.  I think I burned like 321 calories and I think I only had two greens.  Boo.

After putting the Super Nanny's method in action, hopefully my nights are back to normal and I get my ZZZs again!  It has to work.  If not I will hire a night nanny and pay her in Zeal.  Speaking of Zeal, you guys should check out my website.  I am addicted to this stuff.  I do not survive the day without it.  Seriously, I skipped it on a Saturday a couple of weeks ago and I literally yawned all day.  Stupid move on my part.  Check it, hoes, NOW!            


Those lips!

He loves sissy lovins.  Sometimes I laugh when she tortures him.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

School and a Birthday!

08/20/12:  Curves
351 Calories burned and one yellow dot.

Today is the first day of third grade for my sweet E.  It is also D's second birthday!  Time flies so fast!

Kindergarten, First, Second & Third!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend = Gone

Where did my weekend go?  Seriously??  Saturday was a day full of shopping for school clothes and D's birthday (he will be two tomorrow).  My parents kept both kids all day.  J and I didn't really know what to do with ourselves which means we went a lot of places and did not really get much.  After looking all over Toys R Us, we finally decided to buy D a toddler bed for his birthday.  That is what big sister got for her second birthday as well.  Flashback!

And D's bed:

I need to snap one of D on his bed instead of Penny!  

I ate like crap all weekend and did not workout except for last night.  I know this is shocking.  

08/19/12:  Neighborhood
My madre came over and we walked a little over 2 miles.  Penny went with us and E rode her bike.  Fun times!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Tattoos and Hair

08/15/12:  Treadmill
3 miles 35.36 minutes
My alarm went off at 5:00 am and I only pushed snooze twice.  I should get an award.

Now, let's talk about the really important stuff - Miley's new hair.

I did not add the hearts.  I'm not that fancy with editing photos.
People - leave her alone.  Her hair is fine, she is 19 and looks super cute with the new do.  I am convinced that she was inspired by Lisbeth Salander from the Dragon Tattoo books by Stieg Larsson.  When I read those books I kinda want to cut my hair, dye it black, get a bunch of tattoos and carry a taser.  Seriously, those books are dang good.  I am reading the third one right now.  Also, the new hair is assurance to us moms out there that Hannah is not making a comeback any time soon....

Monday, August 13, 2012


Check out this guy.  If he, at 12, can do this - then I should be able to workout and get in the shape that I want to be in.  I couldn't figure out how to do the thing where it says "here" and you can click and go to the super cool news story.  So, this will just have to work.

Guthrie boy, 12, lost 85 pounds and hopes to inspire others |

08/08/12:  Curves
341 Calories burned and only two yellow dots.

It was time to be measured and weighed at Curves... insert scary music here.  Listen, ya'll, I lost 6.5 inches in all and 5.5 pounds in 8 months.  That is what I call results!  Now, for those of you that think you are too cool for Curves?  Do you still?  Here is a picture to prove it.


08/10/12:  Treadmill
I got up at 5:40 to workout because I knew I would not be able to get in any exercise that night.  My intent was to get up closer to to 5:00 to have more time.  But, I hit snooze too many times (shocking).  So, I got on the treadmill and told myself that I would jog until 6:30.  I did it!  Woohoo!

For the rest of the weekend I was pretty lazy.  I did some random weight lifting and crunches just to  make myself feel a little better but nothing blog worthy.

08/13/12:  Curves
321 Calories burned and no yellow dots.  Woot woot!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Robbers Cave

Well, we survived the heat at Robbers Cave!  It was a fun little family trip.  I would not say relaxing, though! On Friday we decided to get up early and hike to the Lost Lake.  We found the Lost Lake and that was so exciting for the kids.  But then, we had to hike back.  Boo.  About half a mile into the whole thing D decided that he didn't want to ride on dad's shoulders.  No!  He wanted momma to carry him.  So, I did.  Do ya'll know how heavy a 27 pound almost two year old is after 3 miles??  Heavy.  I told myself I burned a thousand calories and that made me feel better.  On Saturday we went on a 45 minute horse ride on the trails.  That was fun, but my bum was sore!  Here are a few photos from the trip.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Or maybe just in the car... We are going on a little family trip this weekend. Should be full of sun and sweat. Send me non lazy vibes so that I will get off of my bottom and workout!

08/01/12: Neighborhood
1.5 mile jog, crunches on the ball and some curls with my 8lb weights. Felt great!! Got up around 7:00 and got in a quick workout before heading out.

Oh, this is the first time I have blogged from the app on my phone. Did it work? Is anyone seeing this?